Thursday, 22 November 2007

Was 9/11 an inside job?

The jury is still out, and Yankee Doodle is promising some highly interesting posts on this in the near future - keep watching his blog.

Meanwhile, a comment by 'AntiFascistMajority' on a CIF article:

Here's the official 9/11 story in a nutshell:


Once upon a time, in a remote cave in Afghanistan, there lived a multi-millionaire CIA asset named Osama bin Laden who suffered from kidney failure. I know what you are saying: “Why would a wealthy man who was seriously ill choose to live in a cave when he could afford a top-of-the-line modern health care facility?” Sorry, this fairytale doesn't answer that type of question. (Maybe he had a generator and a dialysis machine in the cave?)

Osama decided to attack America. His motive was simple: “He hated our freedoms!"

Osama left no evidence because he conspired with his followers only through mental telepathy. They were 19 devout Muslims living in the USA who--oddly enough--liked Las Vegas, alcohol, pork, prostitutes, and lap dances. (Is all that in the Koran?)

The 19 armed themselves with boxcutters, made themselves invisible, sneaked onto four commercial airliners and flew around US air space (these know-nothing playboys turned out to be phenomenal pilots and navigators!) crashing them into buildings in New York City and Washington DC. For two hours, the mighty US Air Force just sat on its hands and watched passively.

An hour after the crazed fanatics crashed into the Twin Towers, these steel buildings mysteriously pulverized themselves (they looked like peeling bananas!) and dropped to the ground. The young men made one plane invisible before crashing it into the Pentagon. They crashed another in Pennsylvania, leaving no wreckage. To top off that very strange day, several hours later a third steel skyscraper, Building 7, sunk into its own footprint just like a controlled demolition!

And it's not over yet! After 9/11, nine of the men who had been identified as hijackers stepped forward (alive, obviously) and proclaimed their innocence!

And Osama lived happily ever after.


Emmett said...

IT Has /always/ seemed to me that the two airliners struck into the New York skyscrapers with uncanny Hollywood-like symmetry....

AND, As to the semito-mahometan character, in Morocco in 1978 and 1979, where I made /shaHadu/ and became Muslim, in the 'Peace Corps' and working with Arabs, and Berbers for that matter, I found that one couldn't organize so much as a frog-fight without everybody fighting & falling bang! smack dab right down out of the tree. These folk ARE terminally individualistic (further proof that they are /our/ cultural relatives & that this made-for-Tee-Vee 'terror war' bullshit IS a load of the hocus-pocus!), and trying to organise them for ANY eleemosynary purpose whatsoever is just like loading jackrabbits onto a flatbed....

YOU Bet, I have latently felt all along the grim & stupid road of a failed generation that /we/ are the sort of 'baby boom' 1946-64 hounds who will do ANYTHING just to get to be on -- you guessed it! -- Tee Vee.

AS A child of the so-called 'special relationship', AM I? 'projecting' my own capacity for filth & drunken laziness & depravity?

YOU Bet I am...I KNOW what you are like, Brother Yank, I am onto YOU, man! And that goes for you Limey queer-bashing footer-freaks, too! I know all about it, sorry, Grandpa!

Emmett said...

IN Short, I think the odds perhaps even that these mahometan coons had to have been coached & "setup" as the Americans would put it.

BUT, In the main, the only thing 'inside' about any of it, at least to anyone with a cursory-but-saving knowledge of their own swinishness, is the professionalist conceit & utterly invalid, illegitimate, careerism of the so-called 'intelligence' community, a solipsistic digital whoredom of all-too-many mansions & insane levels of rivalry. This is one of those shams that demonstrate conclusively that 'competition' is NOT always anodyne.

IN Short, the Democrat & Republican parties /are/ fundamentally indistinguishable from the police & other criminal organisations, all 'neo-conservatives' are lunatic arseholes, NO exceptions, and the Democrat faction adduces merely hypocrisy to avid stupidity.

AND, Alas, so far are the preceding objective statements from being 'mere' hysteria & name-calling by 'me' that, indeed, the /only/ hope for the long-term unfolding human story is become in short order the soon-emergence of China and the farther East, not least to lift an embarrassing load from the stooped shoulders of these 'white' half-wits & fumblers.

Emmett said...

THE Image of magically-reappearing Arabs is one straight out of the arcana of high-mediaeval sufism, with its perceptions of the /functional/ reality of the /'Alam al-Mithal/ (the psychic realm of images), telepathy, so-called 'magical thinking' and action at a distance. This, again, is yet another sign of the direction now opening out for our presently-exhausted science, in the centuries ahead as we move deeper into the post-modern aeon. It is my discovery that in history the business of any new age consists in significant part in taking up anew the unfinished business of the age-before-last. In other words -- always stipulated that this is a mere /facon de parler/ -- the full integration of religious and other reputedly 'more real' later sciences awaits completion.

Merkin said...

'......the first person in Britain to be convicted of disseminating terrorist information after he was arrested with a "call to arms" letter.'
If you folow Anti's link you could possibly be in the same situation - especially if you print it off.
It's not a Call to Arms but a translation of what OBL actually said. Close enough I would think in the present climate.

Emmett said...

HERE Is the "New & Improved" version:

Al Wook

Jose said...

Many loose ends left loose don't contribute to a correct clarification of the subject, indeed.

Yankee Doodle said...

Thanks for the ad, Anti!

The new material is under the label Phoenix.

A good place to begin, though, for people who haven't been following my blog, is with my post entitled You Can't Touch This. It has links to other posts.

A key aspect to this is documentation: a news article interviewing one of the two structural engineers who designed the WTC, interviews with NYFD responders who were on the scene, transcripts of Congressional hearings... there's some goofy stuff out there, so I'm very careful what sources I use.

Cheers, Anti!

anticant said...

Thanks, YD. I'm not a natural conspiracy theorist, and am very sceptical of a lot of the loopy stuff sloshing around the blogosphere alleging a sinister clique of all-powerful illuminati plotting world domination. I've no doubt there ARE such plots and plotters, but they are not nearly so powerful, far-seeing or effective as those who fear them imagine.

However, where 9/11 is concerned I have become increasingly convinced, because of all the evidence you and others have produced, that there was something extremely fishy about the whole business and I eagerly look forward to your further revelations. Not least about MOTIVE.