Sunday, 30 September 2007

Big Brother Britain

Some interesting comments. The sheeple are starting to get restive at last!


Emmett said...

[From the endless (!) transcripts of an american overhearing-set operator:]

"Oh, Bay-bee, HOLD my tit!"

"Stroke that love-wiener, you little underage illegal teenage sexbag...don't stop...oh, NO...aieeeee!"

"Jeez, now you got thtuff on my glaththeth, mithter -- thick OL' per-vert!"


ONE Really must suppose on common statistical sense that the likelihood of personally /actually/ being listened in on by these government-types in the next flat is about nil; and, that in this absolute ocean of above-all /illiterate/ off-colour chattering, any operative of any intelligence will simply lose any interest way beforehad....

Jose said...

I wonder when our turn will be. I expect that while Socialists be in government laws will not be changed in this connection, although on reflection it is still possible that we may be nosied about.

Who knows!