Thursday, 6 September 2007

Anticant is away

Anticant is venturing forth from the Burrow and the Arena for a few days, so there will be no more posts for the time being.


Merkin said...

So, have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Don't forget the postcards.

Emmett said...

We're off to see the wizard,
The silly old bugger of Oz,
An' we won't be 'ome until the effing ack-emma...
So roll them straw-covered bottles on down!
Ah, fook it,
Free verse me arse...Wook!

Yankee Doodle said...

Looking forward to seeing a new post from you, Anticant.

Hope everything is going okay meanwhile.


Ms Melancholy said...

Oh....and I have just answered your questions!!

Look forward to catching up with you later x