Saturday, 26 May 2007

Why Bush hasn't been impeached

An interesting - and, to me, gloomy - analysis here.


anticant said...

Barefoot Bum [on who's blog I found the above article] comments:

"Arthur Silber is half right: The war in Iraq, and the upcoming war in Iran, is fundamentally about American exceptionalism, our "angry, resentful patriotism". But, with all due respect, I think Silber is not completely correct: It is not the politicians or even the big name bloggers who are pushing this exceptionalism. The American people themselves are demanding this narrative, and they will viciously turn against anyone, politician, pundit or blogger, who denies or contradicts it, just as the German people positively demanded an exceptionalist narrative in the 1930s."

Is not this belief in 'exceptionalism' at root a nationalistic/racist neofascist myth?

What is to be done about it?

Emmett said...

THE Belief by Americans in an 'exceptional' destiny had some salience and purity for their educated classes at the end of the napoleonic wars, and this because of recent constitutional innovations in the world-story of experimental governance-forms; it was not entirely pure, of course, and not even in the beginning; and, 'twas marred both by slavery at home, and the absurd 'War of 1812' episode.

CONSEQUENTLY, And in comparative isolation, the barbarised & more-or-less-protestant, ignorant & whisky-besotted, repulsive-looking-mainly & hill-billy, yodelling & oft-incestuous, irksome, whites of the frontier, during the early-nineteenth century religious american 'Great Awakening', found ample opportunities for the re-enforcement of phantasies of a jew-like 'choseness' & 'manifest destiny'; these was exercised largely on the Indians and Mexicans, who suffered from, and perforce yielded to, a comparative technological disadvantage (and/ /not the sneers of their aggressors!).

CONSEQUENTLY, The national continental boundaries was set by 1846, both in the american South-west & on the canadian line. The need for organised truculence was sated in the next generation by civil war, Far West indian wars; and, 'twas not until fifty-years-on & at the end of the century-before-last that 'exceptional' notions of 'destiny' was carried across the wide Paciific -- to where the Japanese ('Japs', /eg/) was rehearsing similar notions; and, to where China, temporarily, was in dynastic-recession (had been since from 1800 /ca/) and thus /not/ able to express the human universal, of national & racial 'superiority'.

NOW That Asia, broadly, is rising, of course the spectacle of to-day's american 'white' man (and 'his wimmem') is not an appetising affair to behold:

IN His liberal mode he is both weakling & a particularly foul pan-sexualist whilst at the same time nourishing a guilty & secret anti-smoking puritanism.

WHEN He looks out on the thronging Earth, the american demi-caucasian takes fits and succumbs to phantasies of horror & looming disaster. Again, if he's liberal, it's about 'the environment'. This, of course, is nothing but vulgar & false-benevolent, american & special, snivelling or 'liberal', pleading ('we're all in this together, let's not fight, OK...?') and, just as soon as the asians of whatever stripe have the poison ready, come Hell or high water, /we/ are done for.

IT Is this /universal/ possession of human nastiness that make the Americano, in his right-wing phase, so vile, truculent and /scared/ beyond any practical hope of getting into a reasonable conversation with him:

THE Americano of all classes, indeed, knows the Evil 'he' has done 'personally' Throughout All History & that the tremble-chinned environmental-dodgers in his Viagra-doped ranks are ironically right, indeed, when they note that we /are/ 'in this one together':

TO A generation raised practically, on 'Luv'; and, all of the ensuing abortions-on-demand as well as all of the other un-enumerated 'rights'; and, as well, all of the tasty drive-through 'fast' food:

TO Such a morally-insane crew, it /is/ all about 'togetherness' for sure -- and, the dire matter of who throws whom out of the over-crowded nest -- FIRST.

BOMBS Away -- and, let any God-damned rationale suffice!

PLUS, Of course, if you do do Bush one in the eye, then there is waiting in the wings -- /la/ Cheney!

anticant said...

What a wonderfully pithy summary, Emmett!

"Whom the Gods wish to destroy" etc.

Maybe Cheney isn't the only one waiting in the wings for the Big Flop. There's Chavez too. And lots of others. House of Saud, Ahmadinnerjacket et al......

Emmett said...

"Pithy"? Jesus Christ, I thought the windbag-sonofabitch dragged the God-damned dead cat around by the tail until there WASN'T any cat left! Blazes of Hell...!

Judson Andersen