Sunday, 15 April 2007

Apostles of Deception

"What passes for Christianity among the people, like so many things American, is not the genuine article", by Charles Sullivan.

Another excellent item from Information Clearing House here.


Richard W. Symonds said...

This article seems pertinent - I throw it into the melting pot of ideas - with no particular hidden agenda :

Emmett said...

A Lot of the fundamentalist & trailer-court (that's carvanserai, you sods....), fundamentalist, religious emotion in the States (as well as among the congregations of the mad mahometan Bomb-mullahs) is exactly that:


IT Is rolling around in affects like a dog in shit, mistaking these /sensations/ for 'deep feeling', and then projecting Hell & Eternal Fire on those whose perversions run along /other/ lines.

IN Any case, lots of this is sheer paganism, 'familyism', secret Jew-envy & hardly either 'inclusive' or /loving/ in the sense of rthe words most-widely attributed to Jesus.

AS To the Jew-envy, it is the loathsome emotion of jealousy among those whose congenital fate /is/ to be stuck 'on benefit' & under /la/ Brown's broad & over-large, now-descending, buttocks:

'OH, please, Jesus...fook it, Man! Won't SOMEBODY just choose ME effing-ONCE??!?!'