Friday, 2 November 2007

Nothing to add

On a day when we roll out the red carpet for the head-of-state of a country that Amnesty International duly describes as . . . “fear and secrecy permeate every aspect of life. Every day the most fundamental human rights of people in Saudi Arabia are being violated . . . “ , I can’t help thinking that it really is a crazy, fooked up world in which we live.

On a day when it took six planes to fly King Abdullah and his entourage into Heathrow and held a convoy of 84 limousines to drive the Royal Pains into London at a time when we desperately need to cut emissions, I can’t help thinking we’re well and truly goosed.

In a week when we will provide lavish state banquets at the tax-payers expense to a gluttonous royal family who won’t hesitate to chop off the hands of a man who steals a chicken to feed his hungry family, I can’t helping giving up.

Posted by Earthpal on 30 October.


anticant said...

Please don't give up, Earthpal!

Earthpal said...

I won't give up. I think I was Just having a moment of despondency there.

Thanks Anticant.

anticant said...

Good. The unctuous bilge about "common values" surrounding the Saudi visit made me want to throw up, but definitely not to give up.

Jose said...

I wonder what the reception would have been if all of a sudden oil had been superseded by any other "innocent" energy.

Hypocrisy commands.

anticant said...


"A Saudi television programme has been giving teenagers lessons in how to beat their wives. The cleric who presents it clearly doesn't share Cherie Blair's view that the Koran is against wife-beating. On the contrary, he explains in detail how to go about it." [With a toothpick, apparently!]

- Damian Thompson in a 'Telegraph' blog.

The entire thread is worth reading, for the sheer craziness not only of the topic but also of most of the comments - mostly from believers in other weird religions such as Roman Catholicism.

Yankee Doodle said...

We may lose, folks, but if we give up, we deserve to lose.

Anticant, Catholicism abused and at its very worst is on a par with what we see every day in the Islamic world.

Anonymous said...

I understand the video of this "Saudi" channel originates from a website called "Little Green Footballs" and they are not generally known for accuracy or adherence to truth.

Anonymous said...

It seems that people in the West will accept at face value all the anti-Islamic propaganda that the USA can fabricate.

The original video can be seen here and was made by MemriTV which isn't even a Saudi channel.

"The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) was founded in 1998 in Washington, DC to bridge the language gap between the Middle East and the West by monitoring, translating, and studying Arab, Iranian and Turkish media, schoolbooks, and religious sermons. MEMRI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has branches in Baghdad, Tokyo and Jerusalem, and a staff of over 70 working around the globe.

anticant said...

Hi anonymous [if that's you, Michael, please feel free to post here under your own name],

I didn't say the video was true - I simply drew attention to the Thompson piece [he is a Roman Catholic] and some of the comments as an instance of the general craziness of believers of all stripes.

I really don't think Islam needs any assistance from the USA to fabricate negative images of itself - its own scriptures and the preposterous pronouncements of many of its 'respected' clerics do a thorough job of shooting themselves in the foot.