Saturday, 3 November 2007

Missing Nukes

An alarming article here from Information Clearing House.


Merkin said...

It is pretty well accepted that these 'unaccounted for' nukes were part of a batch which were en route to a base near Iran under the auspices of one of Cheney's 'private' groups.
What is more interesting is the suggestion that an American spysat was shot down over Peru - shot down by the Russkies - again a 'private' spysat. The said spysat was the guidance one for these missiles.
Suggestion is that the Iran raid would already have taken place if the Russkies hadn't knocked out the eyes and ears.
No point in giving links as I am still tracing and verifying the info, but get the gist.
Scary stuff.

Jose said...

These "procedural mistakes" are hard to swallow. What I think is that this was intended to be a secret operation under the direct command of Air Forces Chief of Staff. The military as we all know are special inside the system. The only reaction that is permitted to them is the fast compliance of orders without any private inquest into why the orders have been given and what is the ultimate purpose of them. I think that is what happened in this case, but there are so many people involved that somehow sooner or latter the leak would be spread to wider public knowledge.

And I agree with Merkin that the final person responsible for this is no more no less than the Commander-in-Chief of the US armies: the President.

But I am not very much for the version that it was intended to be used against Iran, among other questions because I think the American Navy units positioned in the Zone can have handier nuclear missiles than those that should be moved from far away positions.

And this "procedural mistake" was no doubt risking innocent American lives.

Let's not forget that there are problems for the US also in nearby countries, such as Venezuela. Was this "mistake" a warning?

Yankee Doodle said...

Somebody at the top gave an order that violated procedures, and looked suspicious. People who innocently went along with it got burned, their careers ended. People who questioned it openly or who documented concerns got rubbed out, dead.

Was this saber-rattling aimed at Iran?

This is one symptom of the Shadow Realm that I write about at my blog. This is one aspect of what one reader says I write about in parables with the Gotham City series.