Monday, 20 August 2007

The Oily Truth

As Merkin has shamelessly purloined a prize specimen of Wookery from the Burrow, I am taking a similar liberty with this prize post of his, which deserves the widest circulation:

Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Oil and Nuttin' but The Oil Crusade

I thought we were into Iraq coz of the Weapons of Mass Destruction which could be deployed at 45 minutes notice?

Well, few people believed it at the time and very, very few people believe it now.

Still, I like the graphic and think we could substitute Ear-Ran and MadDinnerJacket for Eye-Rak and Rummy'sDeadFriend without any difference in meaning.

Not long to go now.


Merkin said...

Incidentally, no idea who to thank for the graphic.

Unknown Artist, Thank You.

Pixie said...

good post, works for me.

zola a social thing said...

Merkin you are a threat.

kyklops said...

Hmm... Unknown Artist passed up an opportunity for a final image/gag: "We ARCOming to kick his ass. And that's FINAL"
Huh, wha...? They don't exist anymore? Damn, getting old...
I need an esprESSO.. oh, I see TEXACOming with it now...


Merkin said...

Speak for yoursELF.


Emmett said...

HAR, Har, sonofabitch...Goddamm, yuk, yuk-de-yuk! The DREADFUL little moron! Hold me up, Nobby, I can't STAND it!

SERIOUSLY, Though, the un-mahometan & post-moral abandonment of these Americanos of mine /is/ so vast that, IF from Day One in 2003, the Greasy Bastards had JUST said (on Tee Vee, naturally!): "Look, WE are going to STEAL these superstitious sand-flopping turban-binders's oil so YOU perverts can all KEEP ON driving to your trailercourt bdsm-sessions after yer Dim & Thrilling Wally Mart "sales ass-sociate" "careers," PLUS then WE get to keep on getting all of the cash so we can beller SOME MORE about The Baby Jesus and "dribbledown" economics...!"

WELL, Jesus Son of Mary, there wouldn't be A peep out of NOBODY here agin it! "Girls just want to have fun," as they say, and THAT'S what the moral tenor of the american collective /is/, I am sorry -- or, rather, I am sorry that we have perhaps already fatally lost our sense, more fatally than any amount of our 'nerve'...Allah knows we are LOADED DOWN with brass & effrontery!

IT'S Brains that don't avail and sensate old-fashioned common sense & INTELLIGENT greed that is begging in the whoreish streets, here!

AFTER All, in 'crude' power-terms, didn't british disrailean imperialism go forward in the Broad Light of Day & a straightforward acknowledgement in the public opinion, about what really was going on?

AND, /With/ the assent broadly of the public /mood/ of the newly-enfranchised mechanical- and artisan-classes?

OF Course, as an american patriot, and /not/ a zionist 'nationalist', I think that no amount of stealing off foreigners to maintain some fading material status quo can ever succeed like just plain staying put to home AND DEVELOPING NEW IDEAS.

IT'S The dearth of these last that spells the immediate western doom, although obviously the whole story of humanity is /not/ at an end and will enter on the broad sunlit uplands of new ways of life and being in any case....

OH, Enough of these hepatic projections onto Neo-Con bucketheads and these obnoxious levantines. The /good/ news is:

PVT Lendlie England IS out of the cells & the army, and she now plans according to Oprah, who has been 'mentoring' her, and Martha Stewart, who does interiors, to open an upper-drawer recreational spanking-pavilion, for wealthy oil-semites & the friends of the rather-obvious Mr Karl Rove.!

Merkin said...

Well Anti, Zo-Zo put me up as Foreign Sec.
I put you up as SolicitorGen.
Jose for UN SecGen
Wook, I put up as envoy to Saturn or Pluto or somewhere even worse like Australia.
De-emigration from there to follow swiftly.

Trousers, whom we love dearly, will have a sinecure in Berlin.
Even I am jealous.

To dream is to believe.

anticant said...

Who do you think I am? Harriet Harman in drag?

Attorney-General would be more my line. Then I could decide who not to prosecute.

Merkin said...

Breakin News !!

'Anticant denies that he is Harriet Hormone in Drag'

That will be remembered for ever.