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Censorship jihad

Yankee Doodle has asked me to give the widest possible publicity to the following item which he recently posted on his blog 'Stop Islamic Conquest'. I have been reading Yankee Doodle's posts for a while now, and find him extremely insightful and not one-sided in his assessments of the current threats to democracy, as he is as wary of the activities of the current US Administration and non-governmental players [including the mafia] as he is of the jihadi Islamists. His semi-fictional series, 'The Gotham Chronicles', gives fascinating - and alarming - insights into the many-layered skullduggeries that are currently bedevilling the world. I am adding YD's site to my list of 'friendly places', and strongly commend it as a thought-provoking and always intelligent place, even if one does not always agree with all his views.

For those of you who are not already familiar with the story, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is a scholar who researches how terrorism gets its finances.

Money is important to Islamic terrorists:

1) Rich terrorist leaders promise monetary rewards to the families of suicide bombers. The financial incentive is thus like a life insurance policy, which will leave the families of suicide bombers well-off after the event -- just another reason to blow themselves up, taking innocents with them.

2) Well-funded terrorist organizations take advantage of poverty in Iraq, and pay Iraqis to place roadside bombs which threaten our troops.

3) Terrorists have to train themselves and their recruits; they have to travel, rent cars and apartments, set up a cover, and conduct surveillance to prepare for their operations. This all takes money.

4) The explosives, weapons and ammunition that terrorists use are not cheap.

5) Islamic terrorists are big into organized crime. They traffic narcotics, slaves, arms and nuclear secrets. Taking a bite out of terrorism is taking a bite out of these other criminal activities, and vice-versa.

Many scholars have studied this topic and published on it. Because of that, one Saudi billionaire terrorist financier, Khalid bin Mahfouz, has gone after these researchers and either sued or threatened to sue them. Many of them backed down -- they just don't have the money to defend themselves against a school of lawyer-sharks funded by a rich Saudi sheikh. Sheikh bin Mahfouz has opted to prosecute his legal jihad in the UK, where libel laws greatly favor the plaintiff, and he consistently wins there.

Dr. Ehrenfeld, however, has refused to back down. Instead, she has taken the battle to Sheikh bin Mahfouz, and has won some important victories in US courts that protect American authors, so they no longer have to be afraid of ramifications in the US from judgements against them in the UK. You can read about Dr. Ehrenfeld's legal battles at her website, The American Center for Democracy.

In addition to her work battling Sheikh bin Mahfouz, Dr. Ehrenfeld's organization researches a variety of other related topics, such as economic jihad and narco-jihad. The Support Page at Dr. Ehrenfeld's website outlines what she and her organization are doing. Here is a brief excerpt:

Exposing the Muslim Brotherhood

This is a particularly critical project at present, as U.S. political leaders and mainstream media reporters increasingly accept and promote - unchallenged - the MB radical Islamist agenda, which is frequently dressed up as 'reform," without notice of the MB endgame - a global Islamic empire.

The ACD strategy is to hinder MB funding of its anti- American, anti-West global operations.

Tracking Economic Jihad

The ACD continues to study "Economic Jihad," that is, the means by which terrorists and their supporters infiltrate the U.S. economy to Islamize Western culture, U.S. public opinion---and domestic and international policy. The growing number of Shari'a compliant businesses in the U.S. and elsewhere is but one indication.

Exposing New Terror Funding Technologies

The ACD exposed criminal and terrorist abuse of unregulated international mobile phone payment system (M-Payment). It continues to research untraceable funding mechanisms, such as gambling.

Defending the First Amendment

ACD Director Rachel Ehrenfeld is the only American writer to have sued a Saudi multi-billionaire in the U.S. to protect the First Amendment and to reestablish U.S. press efforts to expose Saudi terrorist-group financiers.

Dr. Ehrenfeld is on the front lines of battling Islamic terror and Islamic conquest. Her selfless and courageous work is every bit as important as the selfless and courageous sacrifices of our troops and intelligence personnel overseas and here at home. As I previously stated (emphasis added):

The heroic efforts of our troops and others would be completely undercut if we lost this battle. The terrorists know they can't defeat us on the battlefield, but if they can undercut our will to defend ourselves against their legal and financial jihad, if they can cause us to not speak the truth but repeat their hateful lies instead, then our brave troops will return undefeated from overseas, only to find themselves in the Islamic Republic of America.

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is a hero of the counterjihad, but her work is not cheap. Later this month she has another round in court against Sheikh bin Mahfouz's well-paid attorneys, the best legal snakes Saudi money can rent. Let's make sure Rachel has the money she needs to continue her work, defend herself against outrageous lawsuits, and protect America's First Amendment from the onslaught of a Saudi billionaire who seeks to sue us into submission!

Go to Rachel's support page and hit her tip jar just as hard as you can!

I mean hit 'til it hurts!

If you have a blog, post a message to your readers telling them this story.

If you don't have a blog, now's a good time to start one, and you already have a topic for your first post.

(And please leave me a link in the comments, or send me an email.)

The freedoms that we so often take for granted are being threatened by this Saudi billionaire's legal jihad, even as his financial jihad helps terrorists bring death and destruction to millions of people worldwide, including to our own shores. If you care about the freedoms and the lives of your loved ones, your neighbors, and yourself, help Rachel!

Freedom isn't free, and your contributions are fully tax deductible.

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war's desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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LEL said...

I agree with you about Rachel Ehrenfeld's heroism. Here's an excellent column by Mark Steyn on the topic of bin mahfouz.


August 10, 2007 10:36 PM

LEL said...


August 10, 2007 11:29 PM

Rider of Rohan said...

The procurement of arms is always a problem for security fighting terrorism. But maybe there are ubnderhand dealings where countries like USA, UK etc who seel arms to middlemen who sell it to terrorists. I mean , one of the first wars in the modern centiry was fought because the first arms manufacturer didn't want sale of arms to drop.
The problem os terrorism is complex. You cannot just pin it down to an ideology that exhorts people to "wage war against infidels". I mean, if you were a youth in a refugee camp, your freedom curtailed, you have no access to money or any kind of activity, what d you do ? So if someone offers you money, a chance for a better life, naturally you'd be attracted to that. I think you should see the reasons behind terrorism. What about young children and young people in African nations who fight as guerillas. What about the naxals in india. Isn't their fight also against injustice? Wouldn't you also place bombs if another country invaded yours ? I know my comment is going beyond the post topic, but maybe you should look to where exactly weapons manufacturers land their deals. For all you know it might just be an American who is the indirect financer of terrorism. If selling weapony didn't have a profit, we wouldn't have such rampant terrorism.

August 11, 2007 12:06 AM

Yankee Doodle said...


Yes it is complex. I reread your comment a couple of times trying to identify something I disagree with, but I think your comment is right on the money. (I'll read it again, though -- ;) I'm sure I'll find something.)

There are many reasons behind terrorism. After all, not all terrorists come from the Islamic world. However, it certainly seems that Islam, and I most especially mean Islam as it is interpreted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a major ideological factor. Furthermore, in our politically correct society, it seems no one wants to publicly suggest that, so they either deny it outright, or pussyfoot around it.

And I hope anyone who has spent more than five minutes reading my blog knows that I understand that there are significant differences between 1) Muslims, 2) Muslims who accept terror, 3) Muslims who support terror, and 4) Islamic terrorists.

More to the point of your comment, however, you are so on the mark! I did a series of posts under the label Counterjihad, Inc, exactly addressing how certain elements in Western society want violent extremism and general insecurity to flourish so they can make money selling weapons -- and that includes selling weapons to terrorists and friends of terrorists.

I also did some posts (I just discovered I don't have them collected under one label; sorry) addressing how the people at the top of the terrorist pyramids make money off terrorism -- specifically in the context of Islamic terrorism, but the principle applies elsewhere.

Jihad, Inc. Part I

Jihad, Inc. Part II

Jihad, Inc. Part III

Jihad, Inc. Part IV

As I have said before, Terror is Big Business. So is Counterterror!

We understand how the khawarij terrorists make takfir out of anyone in the Islamic world who even hesitates about the khawarij agenda. Yet, it is amazing how many infidels there are doing the same to their fellow infidels, selling out their countries to terror. It's called treason.

But, you, Rohana, are a Muslim, and I am not, and we aren't supposed to put our heads together like this; we are supposed to fight each other, while the elite in our world profit from our battles.

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Yankee Doodle said...

Thank you! I know Dr. E appreciates it, too.