Sunday, 12 August 2007

Celestial figleaf

The following comment on yet another of CiF's interminable threads lambasting Richard Dawkins neatly encapsulates my own view of the Deity:

"I had a friend who prayed all night and in the morning told me that God had told her it was okay to seduce another friend's fiance, because he was destined for her. God serves man, as one would expect of a deity brewed in the depths of our minds: a figleaf for all seasons, a justification for every act."


Jose said...

Unconceivable, indeed! How can a person in full control of her/his mind believe such an absurdity?

There are many more loonies outside than inside the loonybin.

anticant said...

Yes, and I fear millions of them reside in the good ol' US of A. They aren't in full control of their minds [come to think of it, who is?] And they are incredibly sanctimonious and self-righteous, which is what makes the USA, unfortunately, such a menace on the world scene. [Sorry, YD]

Richard W. Symonds said...

Dawkins and Deity both getting "lambasted" interminably - and both more than able to look after themselves, I'm sure !

Emmett said...

THIS Lady's message from Christ, to job the neighbour, is the american "right stuff" -- /hypocrisy/, the TRUEST form of human being, alas. /Another/ version of The Same Tiresome & Inevitable Universal Swindle-Rationalistion being:

"DROP the ----en A-bomb,'s ----en EVOLUTION!"

ALL Alike these twisted and neurotic, too-loud, public ducks, Dawkins AND the REST of the Shrill Believers in SOME illegitmate "authority" OR the other, all quacking "Dixie" on the road to western oblivion. Well, I reckon 'tis the Chinamen's turn, and the Mad Mullahs', to try to put Humpty back together -- one of these aeons.... WE'VE ----ed, eh?

Emmett said...


I Showed my 87-years' old farm neighbour, Mr Judson Andersen, all of this; Juddy a life-long atheist & someone who holds no brief for the churches or "big government;" and, he said to me:

"WELL, Jesus Christ...somebody got LAID! What's so God-damn BAD about a religion like THAT?"