Thursday, 17 May 2007

What beauties!

The aristocrats of America's God Squad are described here.


pela68 said...

Ok, after looking in to the matter of falwell, I do understand your concerns about CBG. But, I still think there are some good reading over at that blog even if she is a neoCon Republican nutcase (c;

As allways- I operate under the disclaimer that the links I provide does´nt allways mirror my opinions. I might not agree with the writers statements- or even like it. But some things and thoughts can still be of value.

I hope you understand...

Have a nice weekend Anticant!

anticant said...

Of course I take your point, Pela. Like you, I read many blogs and link to those that interest me and which I think my own visitors might like to see, whether I agree with them or not.

But I do think we must take stock of where people are coming from, and discount some of their more wacky opinions, even if we agree with a lot of what they say.

What bothers me about so many of the virulently anti-Islamic blogs is that the writers - especially if they're American - come from an equally extreme anti-democratic Christian fundamentalist corner which is near-fascist in its own brand of intolerance.

These people are as much of a threat to genuine democracy and free speech as Islam is.

Being an old-fashioned liberal democrat isn't easy these days. It's no longer true - if it ever was - that "my enemy's enemy is my friend". We often have to say "a plague on both - or all - your houses", and some people find this too confusing to cope with so they end up in classic 'mote and beam' mode, turning a blind eye to evils as great as those they castigate.

anticant said...

BTW, Pela, I deliberately posted a rude comment about Falwell on Conservative Beach Girl's blog to see whether she would accept it. Needless to say, it hasn't shown up.

That's what I so love about these right-wing "fighters for freedom" who won't allow space for any points of view except their own. There's a prize one calling himself "icanplainlysee" who deletes comments he dislikes wholesale, even after they've appeared on his blog!

They don't want a debate - they just 'vapourise' anyone who disagrees with them. And of course brag that they are the champions of democracy....

pela68 said...

Ok- point taken!