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The next step?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Within the next 3 years, I predict a corporate-military alliance between China and the US - thus creating a totalitarian global superpower - rather like Orwell's Oceania and Eastasia.

Let history speak - such as the 1939 Pact between Fascist Germany and Communist Russia.

Shall we be seeing the rise (and fall) of a 'Chinamerican Empire' in the 21st Century ? We've already had the rise and fall of the American, British, Austro-Hungarian, Greek, Roman Empires etc - so why not ?

If we don't fully understand the word 'totalitarianism', then we better start waking up, wising up and growing up - fast.

The word "Anti-American" (& "100% American") is straight out of the Totalitarian Handbook - and is bandied about by Bush like confetti to denote those who oppose his out-of-control regime.

As Chomsky points out, can you imagine someone shouting "Anti-Italian" in the streets of Rome, if there is opposition to a policy in the Italian Government - or even "Anti-British" if there is opposition to one of Blair's foreign policies ? The Italians would laugh in derision - just as we would...I hope !

But Bush seems to be getting away with shouting "Anti-American" under his 'gangster-casino' Capitalism. THAT is a hallmark of a totalitarian state - just as Russian dissidents were dubbed "Anti-Soviet' under Communism. I'm sure communist China do much the same with their dissidents.

Just imagine - a Chinese-American pact in the permanent 'War on Terror' - God help us all.

Americanism = Totalitarianism
Chinamericanism = Totalitarianism
British Americanism = Totalitarianism
British Chinamericanism = Totalitarianism

We need to develop an immunity to propaganda, or we will succumb to 'doublethink'...and if we do not think clearly for ourselves - together - then we will start swallowing this kind of dangerous nonsense :

"Anti-American" = Terrorist or Terrorist Sympathiser.
"Anti-Chinamerican" = Terrorist or Terrorist Sympathiser.

Remember, the right-wing Establishment (eg American Capitalism) has been highly successful with their political propaganda campaigns - such as linking the Left, the Liberal, the Socialist with Communism.

A full dose of 'doublethink' will ensure we can square the circle of Capitalism and Communism.

The Chinamerican Empire - here we come ?!

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anticant said...

This seems a very probable scenario. We should all be paying much more attention to China. She is the USA's main creditor, and the increasing focus of capitalist investment - e.g. Rupert Murdoch.

What you call 'propaganda' is, I fear, actually believed by those who spout such rubbish.

When Thatcher got in, a liberal Tory lady grandee said to me: "Better fasten our seat belts - we're in for a rough ride". Her words ring even truer today.

brumcunian said...

This post reminds me of George W Bush and his famous 'you are either with us or against us' speech post 9/11. Side with us or be our enemy.

I recently watched Louis Theroux's 'most hated family in America' documentary on BBC2 following the Westboro Baptist church and its members. Their 'mission statement' is that America is a doomed nation as it allows gay people to live in it. They picket the funerals of American service personnel as they believe that anyone fighting for a country that allows homosexuals to live in it is a 'fag enabler.'

Fair enough they are a pretty wacky dislikeable family of religious extremists. But I think they have to go a long way yet before overtaking Bush et al as the most hated family in not just America but the world at large.

Nostradamus has been mistranslated and oversimplified over the years but he did say that in the dawn of the new millennium, the village idiot would be leading the worlds only remaining superpower.

As with most jobs it seems that incompetence leads to a management position. If you can successfully get convicted with a DUI (driving under influence), get a dishonourable discharge from the air force, fail to find oil in Texas, and then be Texas' most brutal dictating governer then you will be a man my son. (plus with a bit of help from your Fox News Network chairman cousin and good old brother governor of Florida we'll see to it that you get in to the oval office).