Tuesday, 29 May 2007

'Multiculturalism' and meta-ethical subjective relativism

Please have a look at the post with this title on Barefoot Bum's blog. He launches a scathing personal attack on me which completely misrepresents my views.

I haven't time to deal with this before going on holiday in a couple of hours. I may - or may not - reply at length when I return. Meanwhile, I'll be grateful for any comments others may feel inclined to place on BB's site.


Jose said...

Intolerable, indeed. I've already sent my comments.

Brefoot Bum

Emmett said...

AUNTY, You elder villain! I've stuck the following bit in Mr Bum's bum, so-to-speak -- and, all I would want to note /here/ is that his is a very clear & internally coherent position. Indeed, it is probably less semantically-flawed than mine ( a consequence of the severe limits on /language/). The only thing I did not understand was a closing reference by him, to The Baron? And, now, onward -- BEYOND 'the future' & Salaam Alaykum, You Devils:

AT Present there co-exist horridly acted-out phantasies of 'multi-culturalism' and islamic 'fundamentalism' -- amid a horde & pandaemonium of others.

AS A convert to islam & student of sufism I want to assure you all that some muslims at least do not make bombs out of themselves and beat their wives.

WHAT Needs to be kept in mind is the fact of the historical exhaustion of the cultural impulse that gave us western civilisation.

IT Has been, altogether, a good long run of 2500 years at any rate; and, now, we are exhausted.

AT This point, Asia is rising, near and far; and, alas, centuries of physical horror yet loom.

THE Important point about the obvious cruel brutal stupidites & idiocies of exoteric islam is that MuHammad (pbuh) stated clearly that this racket would be the /last/ religion:

IN Islamic exegesis we have the principle that any text has 'seven layers of meaning' -- in the present case this includes the implication that (after the religious impulse, or instinct, is finally exhausted) in time human being will grow up.

THE Corollary of that is that the future states of Nature's evolving self-awareness will necessarily take on post-human forms.

HERE And now?

I Congratulate those persons who in their personal development to-day anticipate & embody the future post-religious state.

IN A specific technical sense you are, indeed, so superior, whereas I am not so gifted. In fact, as a person who, owing the complex intersection of nature & nurture, shares in the still-general religious instincts of mankind, I would be in a false position and living dangerously against my instinctual basis to try to occupy your opinion-bases.

IN Precisely the same way, the reasonable humanist paints a ridiculous spectacle at life's ending when, suddenly, fear looms and they 'find Jesus' (usually in the boot of the family motor-car!)

WHEN I became muslim it was on account of a dream in my twenty-eighth year, in which I lifted down Jesus, Mary's Son, from the cross in the fable, and he smiled at me. I said:

'FROM Now on I will take responsibility for my own wrong-doing.'

NOW AS to /evolution/, in my share of the common progress of us all & our work together, this was indeed progress -- precisely, away from the obscene sado-masochistic content of christianity. And yet, now, we confront the hideous paradox of muslims -- votaries of an optimistic faith -- blowing up the inhabitants amid the ruins of a preceding pessimistic creed.

NO One who is not semantically-ill can condone such vileness.

BUT, As well, on this physical molecular scale of existence -- with its messy high signal-to-noise ratio -- the problem of evil is as real as mental- & imaginal-illness, itself.

ON More-and-more refined electronic levels, of course, images of exquisite beauty & heinous ugliness can -- do! -- co-exist, and, with NO harm to the beholder. Alas, /en masse/, we are not yet wholly 'there'. What 'I' am now doing, therefore, is to inhabit a good deal of the time the internet-like realms of /'alam al-mithal/, the mental worlds of creative phantasy in which, indeed' 'I' already have rescued 'you' all. You who anticipate already some aspects of post-human being are, of course, perfectly entitled as reasonable people to dismiss this sort of stuff as rank mysticism. But, in fact, I cannot do my visionary work unless, indeed, you do your humanistic & rational work -- all content of thought, all phantasies including 'science', multi-culturalism' and 'religion', all of it is physically real as so many fields of coherent electrons. All of it subsists in Dr Hawking's 'light-cone', ans as all is recoverable, nothing therefore can be lost. There approaches a tipping-point; and, then, all will necessarily 'click', fall into place.

I Realise, of course, that all of this amounts to a demand to be taken on faith and at my word.

SCIENTIFICALLY Speaking, at least in those cases where temperament does not preclude active participation (in the same way as all are not gifted to be scientists!), the opportunity does exist to take part and, indeed, see for yourselves. A good start (for those who can stomach 'nonsense' -- grin!) is Miss Barabara Hannah's book on alchemical active imagination. This, together with the popularising works of Idries Shah, and the fictions of Mr Jack Vance & /Sr/ J L Borges, may serve to trigger some beneficial perceptual changes -- and, as well, I have put in place certain safeguards so that no one will have a breakdown; nor shall a healthy scepticism cause any moral harm to anyone who had ought not to become involved.

ALL Is well, and indeed very well,

sWook /'abd al-'Abru/, CC [/retd/] & South Minnesota Gentleman-Farmer

Emmett said...

(Later -- the following irreplaceable insights are so devastating & so-thoroughly expose the tap-root of the whole problem; that when once I've finished sticking them in here, as well at Mr Bum's; that, then, there can be but nothing more whatsoever legitimately said about the whole nonsense:

(THE Case is simple & clear-cut; and, it is this:

(STATE-Liberalist protagonists of the multi-bland have /only/ their career-interests, and in no meaningful sense /our/ best interests, in mind.

[THE Below appeared prior, in the Mr Barefoot Bum column -- BW]

BY 'Multi-culturalism' what we are discussing, of course, is state-liberalist & hyper-credentiallised '/policy/ multi-culturalism'.


JESUS Christ boiling in Hell -- what load & God-damned crew of self-adoring and criminally subsidised professioanl parasites & nitwits!

ALL I can say is to be ware! of the notorious range & variety in the vast array of guilty human individuals!

IT all boils down to this:

IN Our case (mine, notably), /some/ of us can become Mahometans and /successfully/ sort out the fly-shit from the pepper.

ON The other hand, a whole lot cannot & cannot even go 'niggers' (or, whites!) moving into the immediate physical neighbourhood.

POLICY-Liberals, operating abstractly and from on high, for urgent career- and prestige-reasons /need/ to assume things like a universal /tabula rasa/, 'brotherhood of man' and that the common ruck are endlessly malleable, only they be vended the 'right' kinds of pornographic images in their Tee Vees:

THIS Is probably Nature's way of getting rid of a whole load of fatal (and, probably, congenital!) smuggery, at least among /soi-disant/ elites!

AS To the /congenital/, I suspect that this is a factor that state-liberalism simply /cannot/ accomodate in its subsidised & correspondingly blinkered, hence inaccurate (!), 'narrative':

/I/ Can 'do' difference -- and, a whole shitaree of assholes here [US -- ed], in the land of the round door-knobs & the God-damned, all raised under similar (bland & boring, un-interesting!) school-regimes of /faux/-tolerant moral indifference & vacancy /nonetheless/ cannot.

THERE Is more to the mystery of existence than our ephemeral /theoria/ can even contain!

[Sorry for so much conflation -- I've hay to get up!]

The Barefoot Bum said...

The only thing I did not understand was a closing reference by him, to The Baron?

The author of the post on Gates of Vienna that anticant mentions uses the pseudonym "Baron Bodissey". Unfortunately, especially to uber fans such as you and me, the GoV author's work bears little resemblance to his namesake.

Emmett said...

OH, You mean the quack 'Bodissey' that is such an embarrassment & vexation -- you should know that, in the same way as I 'crashed' on my way back in time to be incarnated as Winston Churchill whilst pursuing a certain notorious criminal from Beyond (and, thus, I wound up born in 1949 in ths wretched Farmer Smith-embodiment & not in 1874, as planned!), so it is that the real & actual, honest-to-God, Unspiek is alive & well in Mankato, Minnesota -- where he toils for the USPS.

THIS /Soi-disant/ & anti-mahometan, other, Siege of Vienna & Death to the Sublime Porte! 'Bodissey is, I fear, a faker & what we call here at home in southern Minnesota, on the North Coast of Iowa:

"A' Asshole!" -- meaning, one expects, in UK-ese, a cunt?

Wook For Now