Saturday, 26 May 2007

A cautionary tale for multiculturalists

I have just been told this horrifying true story by a blogging friend in Scandinavia:

“I once had a Muslim girlfriend. She was very Western in her lifestyle. She did not like the chastity police chasing her down in Iran, and her parents got worried about her wellbeing, so they sent her to Europe. By some fluke she ended up in my hometown in the Arctic Circle.

We met, we fell in love, and after a while we shared a bed. After a couple of months, when I got to her apartment rather late one night she told me that she had been visited by one of her countrymen. He had pointed a pistol to her forehead telling her that this was the only and final warning she would get. She had to stop seeing me - the ‘Infidel’.

Do I need to tell you that I was horrified? But she just laughed it off, saying that 'she was used to it'!!! (I know, only a seriously deranged mind uses three exclamation marks in a row, but I just thought this was that 'one of a kind' situation where it was necessary...)

About two weeks later, I had a ‘conversation’ with the very same gentleman and his associates. It ended up with me having a 9mm Beretta at my temple. The pistol whipping left me with two seriously bruised eyes, a broken nose, and whatnot. I decided there and then that the girl - however lovely - was just not worth it.

Something I´m very ashamed about today.

Yes, that´s ‘multiculturalism’. Phew!

Fifteen years later, I was at a social gathering at my university. There I ran into a Iranian guy. We started to talk about this and that, and then came in to the matter of girls. He was... well, the bragging type of guy (if you know what I mean). He told me several stories about his conquests - laughing away about it. I had drunk a few to many beers so my tongue was loose. He seemed to be a nice enough guy, so I told him that I´d had a relationship with a girl from his hometown (Teheran). Foolishly enough I also told him the first name of my long-ago lover.

Late one night just about six months later, I got a call from "M". She was devastated, because she had been confronted by this same guy. She lives in a small town 700 km from where we originally met, and some 700 km from where I live now. This SOB had actually tracked her down. And even if she had changed her name (both first AND surname) he somehow found out her location. He threatened her, called her a whore (and worse) and pretty much considered her as an apostate. As you know, that’s the worst insult...

She cried on the telephone, asking me what I had told this guy. When thinking back on the moment - it almost makes me cry. I´ll never, never EVER trust a Muslim again. It´s all 'honour' and clan mentality, without a single thought about humanity or the very people behind [the veils].

What can you say? 15 years and 1450 km apart, and still this story haunts me. It´s so sad….

And I´m so sad!”

Comments from committed Multiculturalists are invited.


Life' said...

My dear father sometimes did work for the immigrants. He was from a family of emigrants and knew all that entailed.
Sometimes he would speak with the consulate in Karachi, or wherever, and help a lady to get here for an arranged marriage.
One day he had a problem to solve.
A gentleman of his acquaintance had been living with a lady from Manchester.
They had a 4 year old baby.
His family did not recognise the union.
They had arranged a marriage for him with someone from the homeland.
What to do?
My father took this gentleman for a meeting with the local immigration officers - people my father had known well - and he made a statement.
The lady who arrived from Pakistan was refused entry to this country and our friend was off the hook.
Point was this - our acquaintance told us that his BROTHER (and business partner) was bound to kill him if he refused to marry the lady so arranged.
Just a different way, that's all.

Jose said...

Traditions may not be enforced by the use of violence. Violence is contrary to human rights. Radicalism is contrary to co-existence.

In this connection you may let me give here a link that shows that, fortunately, little by little there are improvements in women's lives in countries where so far they were so restricted. The case regards Algeria.

a quiet revolution in Algeria

anticant said...

Sadly, Jose, your lofty idealism bears little relation to actualities.

It's true that 'traditions' [I suppose you mean faiths?] OUGHT not to be enforced by violence - but the sad truth is that in today's dismal world they increasingly are, and we shall not stop this by mere verbal handwringing. More positive action is required.

The Barefoot Bum said...

What is described in this post is not multiculturalism in any sense of the word. It is, in the the context of the society in which it occurred, a criminal and violent assault.

It would be the sort of philosophy you disapprove of to approve of or condone such behavior. And I, as a committed multiculturalist, most specifically and vehemently do not approve of.

If any philosopher or intellectual actually and explicitly condones such behavior, I will most happily join you in heaping the most vehement condemnation on his or her head.

When Sweden or any other country repeals laws against violent assault, or excuses such assault in a court of law—and upholds this excuse, I will most happily join you in saying that such a country does not warrant my good opinion.

There is really no such thing as "multiculturalism", either as a political or philosophical program. There is only a range of opinions and arguments, some sensible, some astonishingly bad, raised by individuals or small groups.

Abhorrent opinions and bad reasoning—such as the straw man, non sequitur and argument from anecdote displayed in this post—deserve specific criticism, but heaping abuse on the nonexistent boogeyman of "multiculturalism" for some opaque purpose is not at all helpful.

The Barefoot Bum said...

Sorry, I missed an edit:

And I, as a "committed multiculturalist", most specifically and vehemently do not approve of such an assault.

anticant said...

Let us, then, offer our definitions of multiculturalism. To me, it denotes the inane belief that contradictory cultures and belief systems can exist peacefully alongside each other in the same space without social stress and sometimes actual conflict.

I repeatedly ask, and as yet get no answers from either abstract philosophers or "practical" politicians: are the theocratic doctrines of Islam compatible with Western-style open democracy?

What is your opinion, BB?

pela68 said...


Please bear with me if I have misunderstood you. English is not my birth language. But I can not forfit the feeling that you are an advocate of the multicultural ideology.

As such, you should be aware that multiculturalism is tyhe only intra racial- or intra cultural ideology that actually premiers segregation instead of integration. In my mind, multiculturalism is the worst racist ideology evér!

The idea behimd the ideology is that no culture is better than any other (which would make cannibalism just a matter of taste!)- with one exception. The western culture, the very one you and I are living in. That is to be concidered inferior.

It is an offspring of classical Marxist victimation thinking. You sir, have had the opportunity never to have been living under the opressive force of multicultural ideology. We here in Europe now have too reap what we sewed 20 years ago in the name of multiculturalism.

That means that on a calm night in Paris- there is only 20-30 carburnings.

It means that rapes here in Sweden has rised by 600% during the last ten years, and that gang- rapes, that was virtually unheard of a decade ago now is almost as common
as assault rapes.

It means that one third of Europes muslims are willing to make a terrorist assault to defend their religion and that a third more of them sympathises with terrorist causes.

It means that there are functioning sharia- courts in virtually every greater Europeian city.

It means that police patrols has to have escort in to certain "sensitive areas", not only in France, but also in almost every western Europeian country- save maby for Finland.

It means that soon EU will have more mosques than the whole of ME.

But you sir think it´s fine and dandy sitting over there patronizing us Europeians for "our bigotry"

Well we can switch places. Any time you like!

On the other hand no, I do not think so. I have enough balls to stay here and take my stand...

pela68 said...


Please read this!

Yankee Doodle said...


I just left you a comment at Gummihund about how I haven't been able to get this comment window here to work, so now it works and makes me a liar!


Islamic multiculturalism:

1) Convert to Islam,
2) Pay the tax and be subjugated,
3) Die

Those are the three choices offered to humanity by Islam for centuries.

Meanwhile, the situation described in your post is just more of the sexual jihad these guys wage.

To be sure, not all Muslims do this or approve of it. Unfortunately, it is a sizeable group, however, more than enough to ruin a perfectly good country and give Islam a bad reputation among us infidels.

pela68 said...


You are absolutely right. As I have stated before; a single muslim can be a- okay. But at some point, when the muslim population reaches a "critical mass"- say about 20% of the population or so- all hell braks loose! Just look at Libanon. Once concidered "the pearl of the mid east". The overwhelmingly christian country accepted the "palestinian refugees" (after they had burned all their bridges i Jordan) and what happened?

In many major citys in Europe, the muslim concentration is well over 20% today. Look at Paris- once the light of romance and enlightenment- now lightened by burning cars. Look at Malmö- the one major Scandinavian town projected to be major muslim by 2012- having no-go zones, car burnings. A 600% increase in rapes, a thousandfold increase in gang- rapes and gang- beatings.

It´s not the muslim. It´s not the arab. It is a maby wellmeaning, but totaly failed political agenda- multicuturalism! The only political ideology since nazism that actually promotes segregation... And it is the socialists this time (not that nazists is any thing else!)

Whatpople do not understand (and yes, that includes the so called "liberales" in USA), is that socialism aswell as nazism, communism, fascism and islamism is (samma andas barn)- born out of the same womb.

(Excuse me here, the popup does not allow editing it seems. The first sentence of the last paragraphe should be "What most people do no understand...)

Socialism, communism, nazism, facism and ISLAMISM (aswell as islam)are all totalitarian and imperialistic ideologies. Some of them takes an racistic aproach to the matter, some a class- struggle one and islam takes it all in one package. There has never ever been a more violent or racistic ideology in history than islam. They can openly (and with the concent of western apologists) maintain an apartheid policy towards non- muslims (you just try to drive on the wrong lane on the highway leading to mecka. A party of frenchmen did just that. A wrong turn in a muskim country can very well be the last thing you do). What was the last thing the frenchmen did!