Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Party of Brownshirts

Another first-class article on the US Republicans by Paul Craig Roberts from ICH.


ranger said...

"Neoconservatives captured conservative philanthropies, cut off funding to true conservatives, and used the captured conservative foundations to entrench themselves as advisors to the Republican party. The same neoconsertives that Reagan fired as a result of the Iran-Contra scandal occupy important policy positions in the Bush administration and dominate the National Security Council."

Well that just about says it all doesn't it?

Emmett said...

THE Great difference between actual conservatives such as myself & these fool "Republicans" is -- they ain't & I am.

THEIR Decerebrated tub-thumping overseas is the wilsonian-lunacy of 1917-1920 & it is nationalism; "nationalists" by definition are not /patriots/. Rather (and by their own account once you have translated 'neo-cons' from the French!), they ARE the New Cunts in american politics -- and, a tiresome load of the same old faeces!

(Although the mental-exercise of trying to envision Mr Cheney as a NEW cunt is, well, a tad strenuous & hard on the sensorium.)

Richard W. Symonds said...

As I see it, "Nationalism" has been confused with "Patriotism" in the United States.

Howard Zinn, a North American, makes the distinction wonderfully clear :

"The Government is set up by the people in order to fulfil certain responsibilities : equality, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

"And according to the Declaration (of Independence), when the government violates those responsibilities, then, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish the government.

"In other words, the government is not holy; the government is not to be obeyed when the government is wrong.

"So today, for instance, the highest act of PATRIOTISM, I suggest, would be opposing the war in Iraq, simply because everything about the war violates the fundamental principles of equality, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness; not just for Americans, but for people in other parts of the world."

Emmett said...

OF Course in this context to oppose the aimless & self-adorative, professionalist, 'aims' of these ageing self-styled 'New Cunts' /is/ the apotheosis of american patriotism, to-day. As a constitutional matter, the over-done claims on the obscene trinket of 'big federal power' by both parties must be opposed & kicked in the teeth -- the Democrat party assert /their/ claim in the name of 'social programmes', of course, but it is a trojan horse, just as when the middle-aged /roue/ offers to the baby-sitter cocaine & to teach her of 'love' -- someone always gets diddled & far from home.

TO-DAY, American misgovernance is tragically, perhaps fatally, dislodged from its constitutional basis; a circumstance especially to be deplored in the mauve light of the well-known moral relativism of these cocaine-in-the-baby-sitter-at-all-costs baby-boom arseholes of /my/ otiose & God-damned-more-than-somewhat generation -- a load of ambulatory amatory infections & swollen & diseased, Republican, prostates....

ranger said...

Rock on P.P.(politico-proctologist) Wook. Y
A story of the 'Constitution According to Garp'?