Saturday, 8 November 2008

Holy shower!

The Roman Catholic Church is to introduce psychological vetting to eliminate candidates for the priesthood who suffer from "deep seated homosexual tendencies", even if they are celibate, on the ground that their orientation disqualifies them from exercising "spiritual paternity" [here].

What arrogant, ignorant twaddle! Do those who promulgate such stuff really believe that there have never been gay priests - perhaps some Popes - who were competent spiritual pastors?

The Catholic Church, of course, is a law unto itself - a bigoted, narrow-minded cult whose twisted interpretation of Christianity is incomprehensible to those outside it - and, I suspect, to a lot of its sheeplike followers.

In this instance, they are behaving like those golf clubs of old who made an ostentatious virtue of excluding Jewish members, while covertly seeking the financial benefits they offered.

They remind me of Groucho Marx's celebrated observation "Who'd want to belong to a club that would have me as a member?"

Why any self-respecting gay person, Christian or otherwise, would want to touch the Catholic Church with a bargepole beats me.


Jose said...

Long years of prejudices and lack of Christian charity have been the ostensible trait of the Catholic Church. And the Boston diocese is a living hallmark of its behaviour. Clear enough in other countries where it is said to be the State Religion these things do not come to light.

It stinks.

Longrider said...

I saw this one a couple of weeks ago. I can't say that it surprises me. Catholicism is pretty much a case of getting what's said on the tin - hypocrisy, bigotry, ignorance, sexual hang-ups and dollops of guilt.

It's not just gay people who should give it a wide berth.

Merkin said...

We must protect the babies from these feral priests.

Cardinal Newman said...

Sharp as ever, Anti, great to see.

anticant said...

What I find insufferably obnoxious about statements such as this is that those who compose and publish them cannot fail to be fully aware of the service rendered to their Church by homosexual priests down the ages.

If they really believe that there are no Catholic priests - including those of the highest rank - who are homosexually inclined [although celibate], they are as stupid as they are ignorant.

And their smug hypocrisy beggars belief. Not to speak of their homophobia and crude heterosexism.

zola a social thing said...

What about a psychological vetting for those that put it up The Beast and beasts.
That's what I wanna know.

anticant said...

And for "Holy Fathers" who command everybody to believe six impossible things before breakfast on pain of damnation if they don't.

Bodwyn Wook said...

I Had a catholic childhood and never once ran up against a bent priest, nor even so much as a twisted sister....

That said, and writing as a devout omnisexuallist whose lifelong lusts were no doubt sharpened and indeed enhanced, and made all the better, by religious guilt, I expect that pervy adventitiousness is, mainly, the norm. Accordingly, what splits my sides is the very idea that the psychologists -- among the professional non-producers, /they/ are the veritable new Jesuits! -- to-day are passing on the self-controllability of candidate marianists.

This is a farce.

In the twentieth century the psychologies altogether were responsible for as much loosening and consequent misery, as so many Dominicans and Nazis and Stalinists.

Take for instance the so-called 'compulsions':

I supposedly am one these loathsome OCDs, and of course you can all see for yourselves that this kind of name-calling is aught but a load of /consensus omnium/ bullying. It is on all-fours with jewbaiting. It is a so-called 'diagnosis' based on nothing but the filthy statistical (!) norms of the ITBTs, the Inability To Be Tidies who slime on their way everywhere, use up all the loo paper and leave jam and butter and crumbs all over the kitchen counters. These hogs are the jacks of the human pack, not us orderly and efficient OCDs who do not fling takeaway sacking from out of our motorcars, and it is clever indeed of the psychologists -- themselves a notorious gang of sexuallists (as well as wretchedly slovenly at home!) -- to get in once again on the cash side, of this little frenzy too.

The professional classes are the REAL shower, I am sorry to say....

Billy said...

I just dont get this singling out of homosexuals business. Catholicism seems to teach that everyone is unworthy. It is just another example of deferring responsibility in moral decision making

Bodwyn Wook said...

What I am mainly worried about now is the essentially perverted SILENCE these days, of la Cheney and Karly “Elmer Fudd The Molester” Rove.

This is because their lips are too sore to talk.

These two cruds have been sitting up all night, cackling to beat Hell at their own cleverness and doing an “Andrew Jackson” on Obama. Licking shut envelopes containing invites on authentic-looking forged White House stationary, I mean. These are being sent to all the names on the voting-lists from the poorest precincts of Chicago, LA, Boston….

They are “official” invitations to ALL stay AT the White House WITH the Obamas, during the inaugural, and the Republicans are also making much mention of truckloads of KFC, barbecued ribs and watermelons (all whacked on stolen Democrat Party credit cards.)

The party invitations are all signed with a forgery machine and read: Jesse Jackson….

That’s what these NeoCon schmucks ARE like. I really do wonder WHAT Mrs Bush served up for lunch, yesterday? (The stereotype-ridden uncultured dumb bastards don’t like the French either, mainly because the language is “too hard to learn!” Anyway for halfwits….)