Wednesday, 11 June 2008

From Mr Bean to Mr Has-Been?

So Gordon Brown has got his 42 days, but only thanks to the pristinely selfless and patriotic votes of the Ulster Democratic Unionists.

This humiliating "victory" may prove to have been won at too high a price. There's a well-known saying that one of the risks of asking for what you want is that you might get it. This could well turn out to be true not only of tonight's vote, but of Brown's entire long-coveted premiership.

If I were a Labour MP, I would be seething tonight whichever way I had voted.

What goes around, comes around.


zola a social thing said...

Indeed Anticant.
But as the government as acted and as the basic UK media acts it will take much more to defrock the Broonclone.

Here is a nasty realisation.
What will be done now?

Strange that Latin America is sending messages that are really peaceful as the Ny Labor et al ask for revolutionary action.

anticant said...

Don't lose heart, Zola. I sense a long overdue sea-change. It may still take a while, and be untidy, but more and more people - however they label themselves politically - are surfeited with the authoritarianism, lies, and bumbling inefficiency of the past few years and are saying "enough!".