Friday, 14 December 2007

Curtains in the Arena

With Christmas looming, and another New Year hard on its heels, I have decided to take a rest from blogging, except occasionally. Other more necessary tasks claim priority on my limited energy, and after a year of continuous posting I feel I am becoming repetitive and too predictable.

So thank you, my regular readers and commentators, and also my silent audience, for your interest and support. I shall continue to look in on other blogs and post comments there from time to time when the mood takes me.

A merry Christmas everyone, and may 2008 bring some of the blessings of peace and greater tranquillity which everyone of goodwill surely desires.


Emmett said...

Quien sabe?

Jose said...

Yes, Emmett, ¿quien sabe?

Hieroglyphs have never been my forte.

Any cooperative translator around?

Emmett said...

AT First blush, there are a number of battleships and an untoward number of St. John's ambulance vans. Proceeding in the text, however, we do NOT perceive any swastikas and assume therefore this is NOT about Mr Brown & NuLabour, Same Old Faecal Exudate. Whereas the apparent death's heads toward the close would seem to allude Mr Cheney & the generally high constitutional standards of the american NeoCon faction.


Chief Constable,
Admissions & Clysters Desk,
Detention Infirmary,
The Mansion,
Bletchley Park,
Milton Keynes,

Emmett said...

WHEREAS The i-in-circle thingy in conjunction with the numerous question-marks would seem to connote an uncertain kind of...egotism?

I Expect mothballs in the sock drawer will be just the thing!

scott gray said...

it is a well known fact that anything longer than it is wide, or any thing with pointy attachments, is a male icon, and anything round is a female icon. so by statistical count, these are male curtains with a heavy female influence.

anticant said...

The bizarre nature of the above comments confirms my view that blogging has become a waste of my time.

Sorry, folks.

Jose said...

Sorry to say, Anticant, that you mistake respect for waste of time. Perhaps you yourself are wasting our time.

And as I am not wasting MY time, which I need very much, I'll not be visiting your blog any more thank you very much.

It was good while it lasted.


Emmett said...

Settle down, you mugs...!

anticant said...

"I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
If not, it can't be helped."

- Fritz Perls 1969

zola a social thing said...

Anticant : Just enjoy your Xmas and New Year.
These blogs bring out the best of times and.....
Dickins if I know where that came from.
When I was a teenager I was always in conflict. There were two tities to feed upon.
Which one for me I used to ask meself.
Then I got it.
I shall have both I said to meself.

anticant said...

Thanks, dear Zola, I shall! I've made some very good friends through blogging - you, Jose, Emmett [Wook], LavenderBlue, Trousers, Ms Melancholy, to name but a few, and I love you all.

It's simply that I MUST devote what limited energy I've got these next few months to growingly urgent home tasks and other writing. But I won't forget you and will keep in touch via email and occasional comments on your always interesting blogs.

Peace and joy to everyone - there IS inner peace, even in this strife-torn ugly world.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is an inspiration and (having only recently found it) I will miss it enormously. It has been a benchmark for decent thought and action. Every possible good wish.

lavenderblue said...

Love to you,Anticant,and, Thanks for the memories,as the song goes........
and Love to All Of Us.

tyger said...

I'm terribly sorry to have missed all this. Christmas etc.

You will be missed, and thank you for your message (has no-one else thought of copying into a Word editor? Very clever anticant).

All the best, keep in touch. I'd love to pop down again in the New Year - if this would suit.

A very merry Christmas.