Saturday, 7 July 2007

More PC idiocy!

Thanks to Yankee Doodle for this link.


Emmett said...

THERE Are several layers in this too, as always. To begin with, if I am correct in my perception of our late-historical malaise, then the fact is there /must/ arise challengers to our waning set-up. In the particular present we now infest, those challengers momentarily /appear to be/ mahometan mountebanks of the Literalist & 'Bombs Away, Gladys!' schools. In fact, these crazed fans of Putting Women Back Into Clothing On The Highstreet are /also/ projection-hooks for some of our own deepest & most-foul suspicions, of ourselves & the final limitations on /our/ rotting post-modernist narrative, and its failing capacity to yet continue effectively to impose 'order' on the World in 'our' terms.

WHAT Is most of all a sublime piss-off about /that/ is, of course, that I am positing the no-doubt-enraging (to the Immature & Historically-Unhousebroken, at least) idea that the Muslim Notion WILL out-last our rattle-trap reality-description, hmm? Gee, that's too bad...I expect that in a century or five hundred years, however, /al-islam/ will be likewise getting it in the neck from its upstart & masturbating children -- but, of course, that is of no comfort to the gangs & relays of the God-damned, and the Pan-sexualists (/moi/!) & Motorists & Professional Shoppers, now....

WHEREAS There is /nothing/ in any of that mopery & self-pity which Time itself will not, cannot, 'cure':

FOR If I am correct in my broad conclusions, the West will continue to wan, Islam in the intervening generations will mellow into a more reflective & introspective mode (the sort of slackening that comes inevitably with historical 'success' & the recrudescence under leisure-conditions of the perversions)), and -- sooner rather than later, one expects -- The Chinamen will step forth to put all of these non-Han & genitally over-endowed barbarians firmly back (!) in their place.

THE Great difficulty -- and, the universal tragedy perhaps? -- is that /all/ cultural- & civilisational-narratives finally & inevitably /must/ ram into the vile & intractable iceberg-facts, to-day about global warming & all of the rest of the nominally'scientific' business, about what objectively /is/ the entropy inherent in all things.

ALL Titanism is categorically foredoomed, one must suppose -- or something like that, at any rate....

/Sic transit priapissismus/,

s/Wook, Chief Inspector, IPCC-Vice Desk

Merkin said...

A lot of merit there, Wariat Wook.