Sunday, 14 January 2007


ANTICANT’S ARENA is the new In Place for free and open debate.

anticant is opposed to censorship and Political Correctness of whatever stripe. He believes that all opinions, however unfashionable or unpopular, deserve an airing as long as they conform to the basic requirements of civilised and honest debate. These, in his view, are:

  1. Only opinions genuinely held by the poster should be expressed, unless a “devil’s advocate” point of view is advanced for the sake of argument, in which case this should be made clear.

  1. However controversial a point of view is, and however strongly it is disagreed with, any such disagreement should be expressed without the ill-temper, aggressive bullying, or personal abuse which disfigure some other discussion sites.

  1. Opinions will not be censored or posts removed unless they are a direct incitement to violence or lawbreaking, or pose a serious risk of libel.

If you are agreeable to operate in accordance with the above guidelines, welcome to ANTICANT’S ARENA. Suggestions for topics, and draft posts, will be welcome and, if published, duly acknowledged. Requests to join my 'friendly places' list will be favourably viewed.


tyger said...

Looking very good anticant.

Jose said...

I wish you every success with this new blog. I see Tyger went ahead of me to congratulate you. I was absent for most of the day yesterday, that is why.

Yellow said...


This site looks wicked. So much better than before.

Stick with the guidelines. Follow them up mercilessly.

Perhaps you should also make clear your thought on what happens when a thread gets derailed (by flippant tangents - you know what I mean :))

Oh bugger. I have to have a google account. Lemme check.


zola said...

holy shit

tyger said...

If I get chance I'll add you to the blogroll later. Very busy today though. Seem to be very busy at the moment, don't I?

Maybe my plans to take over the world will finally come to fruition. Anyone want to be minister for sanitation - seem to have an opening there. Shit job though...

anticant said...

It looks as if Zola is applying for the job.