Saturday, 19 July 2008

PC mobs are OK

In today's Times there is this report:

Teenagers attack police officers who asked girl to pick up litter

Pair kicked to the ground in front of shoppers

“Two police officers who asked a teenager to pick up some litter she had dropped were attacked by a mob in a suburban high street and punched, kicked, slapped and bitten.

"Witnesses said that the two male officers had to use batons to fight off about 30 teenagers who had kicked them to the ground. But two men then joined the attack, one of whom punched an officer in the face, as they shouted insults at the officers.

"The extraordinary scene took place in the middle of the afternoon in a high street in Croydon, South London. Local shopkeepers said that the area was plagued by youths and gangs fighting and causing trouble.”

Read the whole article here. It is followed by comments, one of which is:

“No description of the mob, so am I to assume they were minority groups?”

To which a Croydon resident responds:

“Not necessarily. I know the area quite well, and one of the heartening things is that the feral packs often comprise a healthy mixture of all ethnic groups, including plenty of whites. They may be moronic psychopaths, but at least they're not racists.”

“A healthy mixture”? “At least they’re not racists”! So THAT’S alright then.

Ye Gods!


ben trovato said...

This comment is surely ironic, n'est ce pas?

anticant said...

I did wonder - but you can never tell these days.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Really, the guy who was on about 'heartening...feral packs...' was being /ironic/, nicht wahr?

At any rate, I read through the news rep and the names of the on-lookers commenting disapprobatively was all distinctly 'un-English', if you know what I mean. (No, by 'un-English' I'm /not/ trying to make out they was a load of Jews, Israeli Mossad provocateurs, made up with walnut juice skin-dye and passing themselves off Paki shop-assistants!)

I think rather that it is first and foremost a matter of the sheer crowding, in English and Scottish, Welsh and Ulster ('British', /eg/) cities.

'Multi-culturalism' under over-crowded conditions can only be successful when the statistical majority have an inner attitude and are educated to enjoy diurnal sessions of quiet reading and thinking, alone in their 'cribs'.

That's a tall order....

Jose said...

Who knew Britain say 30 years ago and has not returned there since cannot understand how this state of matters has got to be so. The Britain of then cannot by any means be likened to the Britain of today.

But, alas!, the same could be said about the rest of the world.

Respect has been lost, I'm afraid it's been lost forever.

Back again on the arena I wish you all the best.