Thursday, 26 June 2008

Why David Davis's campaign matters

Regardless of what you think about his politics generally, or his views on other topics, David Davis has clearly struck a national nervepoint in resigning from the Commons to fight a by-election on the issue of our fast-vanishing civil liberties.

The complacency with which mainstream politicians, and the British public in general, have up to now accepted the drastic and hitherto unthinkable reduction in our personal rights imposed upon us during the past decade on the pretext of 'fighting terror' is deeply depressing to someone who, like myself, has campaigned throughout their life for a free, tolerant and civilised society.

Ken Frost puts it better than I can in his latest 'Nanny Knows Best' post:

"The state and a compliant ignorant media are responsible for the level of paranoia in this country. We are building our own prison and hell on earth with our own hands, brick by brick, petty restriction by petty restriction."

It is time for everyone who values their own independence, privacy, and freedom to think as we choose and live without fear to unite against the creeping [and creepy] encroachments of the authoritarian-minded Nanny State.


Jose said...

Are people losing their capacity to react? Too much leisure makes brain lax and inoperative.

So much sweat, so much blood spilt for the humankind is not worthy of recognition at the least?

Where are the catalysts that do away with so much negligence?

Anonymous said...

Yes, many seem to be complacent about the state of affairs in the media and government. If only about 50 percent of Americans these days consider themselves democrats or republicans, I wonder what ideologies the other fifty percent endorse and how much of those independents endorse non-violence.

Perhaps it is time to appeal to natural forces, deities, and entities that may have legitimate overcontrol over certain regions in the continent to decentralize those regions.

By no means am I talkin' about completely seizing this continent and its resources, but I think it is due time that at least some counties are transferred over to people who do not want their business and politics to mix with the violent regimes of this nation.