Thursday, 12 June 2008

Who's utterly unfit?

David Davis's commendable decision to to resign his seat and fight a by-election on the crucial issue of our fast-vanishing civil liberties has been dismissed by Labour MP Denis MacShane as a "stunt" which shows that the Conservatives are "utterly unfit for government".

Mr MacShane obviously hasn't looked in a mirror lately.


Bodwyn Wook said...

MR Gordon Brown objectively viewed /is/ the unbathed & unmentionable part of an old she-walrus.

I Move we stick him into the Famous Arseholes exhibition in the Puddleby zoo, along with the Wyoming S--- - Piece and The Other Coyote From Crawford. Maybe the odour of Old Order Male t--- - juice will mutually incite these tree weasels to other /shared/ displays, of obscenity.

Merkin said...

Good for Dat Davis.
The over-the-top reaction from the MSM and others shows that 'They don't like it up'em'.

trousers said...

I see no contradiction between it being a stunt (which need not be a pejorative) and a commendable decision. If it keeps the 42 day issue - and the continuum that said issue is but one part of - on the agenda, then thank goodness for all that.

It's an irony - or a double irony - to see it dismissed as gesture politics, when it's quite possibly one of the few arguably principled acts amidst all the careerist, poisonous bullshit that passes for politics these days.