Sunday, 8 June 2008

God-Botherer Extraordinary

"And so our dementia continues. In front of us this week was Blair with his increasingly maniacal eyes, poncing on about faith and God and religion, and I couldn't help reflecting on an excellent article by a colleague a few weeks ago who pointed out that God never seemed to give Blair advice. Like before April of 2003, couldn't He have just said, er, Tony, this Iraq invasion might not be a good idea.

"Indeed, Blair's relationship with God is itself very odd. And I rather suspect I know what happens. I think Blair tells God what he absolutely and completely knows to be right – and God approves his words. Because Blair, like a lot of devious politicians, plays God himself. For there are two Gods out there. The Blair God and the infinite being which blesses his every word, so obliging that He doesn't even tell Him to go to Gaza."

- ROBERT FISK, "The Independent", 7 June 2008


zola a social thing said...

In Ireland and for the EU constitution thing people are prsying for sunny weather.
The sun will be the decider.

Merkin said...

As always.

Bodwyn Wook said...

As a sometime-student of sufism, I can tell you, Mr Robt Fisk /is/ a mensch.