Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Faith schools and 'truth'

A highly important discussion of Islamic schools here on Stephen Law's blog.

Please read the post, and the comments, carefully. This debate hinges on the nature of Truth as perceived by people of faith, and the distinction between education and indoctrination.


Emmett said...

AUNTY, I just ran through the latest in Mr Law's web-log. 'Tis most interesting, but I'm not going to chime in there as, really, all this 'blogging' really does get out of hand. Needless to say, I am in any case convinced by my own inner experience of the felicity of a synergistic imaginal mechanism & 'my' real ability to bring everyone through to safety in the end, through main force of deliberately applied phantasy & /affectionate/ active imagination. For a certainty, this outward ever-indeterminate rowing & exchange of usually mis-understood signals, between our momentarily-separate physical bodies is a dead end, Wook

Emmett said...

ACTUALLY, Vanity being vanity, I couldn't resist (grin)!

For a certainty, this outward ever-indeterminate rowing & exchange of usually mis-understood signals, in different 'languages', between our momentarily-separate physical bodies /is/ a dead end; and, for a fact, this momentary physical state of existence is a temporary condition. Let us not be over-hasty, therefore, to extinguish /wonder/ for the sake of categorically-inadequate two-valued 'reasoning', 'abd al-'Abru

anticant said...

The propensity of human beings to want to be 'right' as opposed to all the others who are 'wrong' is one of our worst follies. If only we could all celebrate our common humanity and share the richness of our multiplicity of traditions, the world would be so much happier and peaceable.

I entirely agree with your wise and far-seeing view of spirituality, Emmett. It's a tragedy that so many religious people, and Muslims in particular these days, are bent on asserting their exclusivity and superiority. We should all concentrate on beautifying our own garden, and make appreciative strangers welcome there, without seeking to convert them or subdue them.

Emmett said...

MY 88-years' old farm-neighbour Judson Andersen says, to-day:

"There ain't one of these God-damn religions that isn't just a God-damn swindle right from the begining -- the dumb sonsofbitches want a free ride one way or the other all through history, and right there's the God-damn Pope, Billy Graham or that sonofabitch Roosevelt all lying in wait and lying to beat Hell and ready to let them have it."