Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Anti-Crusading zeal

More Muslim umbrage-taking here. They'll be telling us to haul down our English national flag, the Cross of St. George, next....


Anonymous said...

Clearly as far as this Turk lawyer goes it's the equivalent of wearing a swastika.

Emmett said...

THE Toork Kaska, an attorney, lacks discernment & finesse; what he had ought to have objected is the red 'crusader' strip as:

...[A M]anifestation of western "inferiority-feeling and psychological over-compensation, in the face of a newer & more-up-to-date islamic religion, that does NOT butcher and eat its prophet regularly, and drink his blood, in a dreadful little crypto-cannibalistic ritual featuring disguised elements of the pornographic and BDSM."'

NOW /That/ should have had the saving grace of both wit and a certain lightness of tone; plus, of course, cheesing off /even more/ of the arseholes; and, especially so, those dreadful idiots & under-personalities who leer at sport & drool halfwittedly on the terraces!

STsirJohnpickledmouse said...

Those that pretend to have killed the Dagons end up eating them up.
But such is just myth.
St George eat your own heart out and maybe, just maybe, you will win a cricket game again.

Emmett said...


The Dragon's Rest,


I Have always thought rather the dragon /did/ have a case; Mr Kenneth Grahame did, too! And as to those horrid & rodentine, little, hobbits, they ARE unreservedly vile & a horrid undersized load of do-gooders & informants. Elves? Ach, we spit!

s/Sir Hake Steemed

PS: Up The Sublime Porte!