Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Just this once!

I’ve been tagged by Peter [Pela68] to do the following:

  1. Post the rules for the meme at the beginning of your post.
  2. This meme consists of the blogger listing eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. People who are tagged in this post are to write their own post listing their own eight random items and list the rules.
  4. At the end of the post/meme, list the folks you are tagging and leave them notice of such in their comments.

Peter being a good friend, I’m obeying just this once – but for the reason given in my first item, I won’t be tagging anyone else.

  1. Being an instinctive draft-dodger, I prefer to volunteer for this kind of task, rather than being nominated.
  2. I find chronic illness, and all the restrictions it imposes on mobility, as well as low energy levels, very boring and, on occasion, depressing.
  3. I blog for therapy, and find the contact with internet friends worldwide a comforting reassurance that there’s still a world “out there” and intelligent people to talk with.
  4. As I grow older, memories become increasingly important and recalling better times and places, and people I have known and sometimes loved, is even more pleasurable than reading and listening to music. Blogging about some of these events is enjoyable too.
  5. I have a very soft spot for anticant’s burrow, and for my stalwart supporters ben and the beadle, who keep the place up to scratch for the entertainment of our regular and occasional visitors in the Snug.
  6. Looking forward to, and planning for, my too-rare holidays in Italy or the Iberian peninsula breaks the monotony of invalidism and frequent hospital visits.
  7. I still enjoy good food and decent wine, thank goodness.
  8. My life would be unliveable - and indeed would have ended long ago - without my wonderful Civil Partner of 47 years and our adorable cat, Tiggy.


Emmett said...

ANTI, You have said it all, I think...I know I'm just a youngi' & mere babe in arms, but the word IS no doubt -- memory. Remembereance, re-memberance, it all DOES live again, you see.

Emmett said...

(But NOT, evidently, how to spell!)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I have found chronic and clinically indefinable illnesses to be boring, depressing, frightening - and remarkable teachers.

anticant said...

That's as may be, but my illnesses are all too precisely diagnosed, and terminal.

I make the best of my situation, as I'm sure you do.

Yankee Doodle said...

Pela tagged me, too. I still haven't responded yet.

I got you in my thoughts and prayers, Anti!

anticant said...
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anticant said...

Thanks, YD - I appreciate that!

tyger said...

I make the best of my situation, as I'm sure you do. ~ anticant

We love you, anticant.

anticant said...

Thanks, Tyger. The support and affection of my blogging friends is a great source of comfort and support. It's marvellous to be able to exchange information and views with intelligent and friendly people all over the world, and I am thankful to have lived into the internet age which I still optimistically hope we can forge into an invincible instrument for greater understanding and a more peaceful world.