Saturday, 14 July 2007

'Cifilis rots the brain'

The above comment is purloined from one of two or three very amusing recent threads at Harry's Place mercilessly dissecting the hapless Guardian's ludicrously named "Comment is Free" site and canvassing such fascinating questions as 'how come mad Maddie Bunting rules the roost?', 'what makes Georgina Henry tick?' and is 'the deeply weird' Berchmans a Muslim as well as anti-Semitic?

Well worth a few minutes' perusal for the odd belly laugh.


Merkin said...

Berchy is not anti-semitic in the slightest.
However, his opposition to the GIYUS cabal attracts a lot of flak.

Emmett said...

MY Main gripe about CiF is I put up just acres of peerless parsing & wit -- far better conceptions & schemes than virtually anyone else's mooted -- and Ms 'enry & The CiF Intelligent Bad Element positively did /not/ offer to pay me for a regular column. The inability to see the treasure in front of you is /the/ hallmark of the historical end for these set-ups, eh?