Friday, 20 November 2009

The world we live in

A few of today's headlines:

Worried pimp 'called off rabbi's drug-fuelled orgy'

Court hears rabbi so exhausted after days of cocaine-fuelled partying that pimp grew worried and cancelled supply of girls

Gang 'killed victims for their fat'

Four people arrested in Peru for murdering up to 60 people to sell their fat to cosmetic clinics in Europe, police claim

MPs' standards chief quits over expenses disclosures

David Curry claimed almost £30,000 for a second home that his wife banned him from staying in following an affair

Government deficit now increasing at £3bn a week

Twitter urges Murdoch to be open

Bears queue to use indoor toilets

You couldn't make it up. (Except the last one, which I did.)


Jose said...

I don't know if this happened many, many years ago, communications not being perfect as they are today, despite Murdoch.

The world is really mad. Was it before?

zola a social thing said...

Damit Grumpy Aunt : At least you could have provided us with a picture or two.
Because we deserve it.

anticant said...

Pictures? Anticant's Arena is not page three (or any other page) of the 'Sun', you know. If it were, Anticant would be a great deal better off.

Orgiastic rabbis are too expensive. Sex-crazed rabbits aren't newsworthy.

We fancied a world exclusive of Rebekah Wade and Sarah Palin wrestling naked in mud. But their tariff was exorbitant. So hard cheese.

Some folk are never satisfied. You'll be asking for free Christmas dinners with belly dancers next.

Technolustmaxx said...

The entire printed press is a disgrace, though I suspect that there's never been a golden age of news journalism.

But maybe I've been reading too much Walter Benjamin

anticant said...

There's never been a golden age of anything. But when I was your age the 'serious' broadsheet press were much more balanced and responsible, even when one disagreed with them.

Rupert Murdoch has been a very malign influence on journalism worldwide.

zola a social thing said...

Indeed Techolusto : The reproduction of our own art form is quite sensational in absurdity.

As for me mate Anticant : What the fuck is wrong with pictures?

anticant said...

It all depends on the pictures.

the burrow bard said...

Picture if you can a Zola
Basking in the midnight sun.
By and by there comes a polar
Bruin looking for some jolly fun.

Zola leaps into a fir tree
Hollering with all his might
For his dear turtle and it's her tree
So everything ends up all right.

(If only life were that simple.)

Merkin said...

Back from hols and into the fray once more.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Howdy, I've gone off the deep end on railway 'blogging', as you may see here:

As I write these words, a monster blizzard — the first of the year out here in the American Middle West in this twentieth anniversary December of the end of the late-modern age in Berlin, Germany, in 1989 — is blowing itself out. It is bright and sunny and zero degrees fahrenheit this Thursday morning; needless to say, this kind of weather goes far — especially the sub-zero winds! — to validate my disinterested and factual finding, not least as an oldtime southern Minnesota farmer, who knows the value of a nice hot coal fire, and has seen many a deadly blizzard. That conclusion necessarily must be that “global warming” is a very good thing, indeed, and that it just can’t happen soon enough!
Now I know well full well that this will annoy lots of folks….
The rule on that one, though, IS “that the more strongly that the more folks try to convince you that you are wrong, the more likely you are to be right.”
We have seen this very thing at work before in History, for instance in the bare handful of Germans who stood up to the Nazis. There is not only a lot of bogus “science” going around, but there is also the irritatingly social mammal and homo sapiens, or bandwagon, effect. THIS monkey (!) business is a problem even when the Science is right, and it is the great problem of fear and impatience. That is the problem of all human being and, thus, of Nature herself now becoming somewhat (!) self-aware in our persons.
The primary technical problem of all Science in other words is to study and above all to abate our biologically driven nervous jumpiness — not least to too-hasty “conclusions.”
It is just like badly-weighted locomotives slipping their wheels and one day real Science will doubtless figure out this one, too. But surely, as to Science today, we have the knowledge RIGHT NOW for example in genetics and genome mapping in order to preserve plenty of polar bears in a more protected way than they ever had before under conditions of completely wild Nature. And this can be so even while we go forward together to a warmer future for all.
And, so, on to all of the new worlds without end beyond the deadly and really boring (especially without lots and lots of steam locomotives puffing and galumphing around all over the place!) here-and-now that it is the task of Science to liberate us — and therefore all of Nature herself! — from.

zola a social thing said...

Can somebody get our Grumpy Aunt back into a reasonable order?

anticant said...

Well, Zola could help by sending the email I've asked for - the address I have for him no longer works.

zola a social thing said...

I have sent twice. It is your damned address system that does not work!!!

Mine is as good as ever and quite reliable.

Now get back to blogging and behave.

anticant said...

Zola, I think you must be using my defunct email address. Please send to and I shall then be able to reply.

Celana Hernia said...

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