Saturday, 17 October 2009

"Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice.....

A vintage week in Looking-Glass World:

* Trafigura solemnly assures us that their abortive super-injunction against the 'Guardian' newspaper "was never intended to gag parliament or attack free speech";

* The head of MI5 declares that "the Security Service does not torture people, nor do we collude in torture or solicit others to torture people on our behalf”;

* Foreign Secretary David Miliband earnestly intones that if the details of what was actually done to Binyan Mohamed are revealed, the United States will cease to share intelligence with us "as surely as night follows day";

* 'Daily Mail' "star" columnist Jan Moir whines (through a non-apology issued by the paper's PR agency) that "I think it is mischievous in the extreme to suggest that my [disgustingly vicious] article [about Boyzone singer Stephen Gately's death] has homophobic and bigoted undertones."

Back to reality next week? Some hopes!


zola a social thing said...

Does this remind of of the Chartists from the 1800s?

Spies everywhere payed for by never ever an "Everyman" Book deal.

Bodwyn Wook said...

My only regret is that, as a young man in the old LBJ "Free Money From Off Of The Government" days over here, I did not get my buttocks "in school" and myself wrapped up in some of this here professional velvet...the scociopathy goes so much better along with some undeserved "big pay" AND prestige.

Bodwyn Wook said...

'How many attacks, and how seriously threatening, Mr Evans does not say: we have to take his word for it.'

These 'terrorists' materialise spontaneously out of this self-referential bullshit like flies in the Middle Ages...or, indeed, the Tom Sharpean middle-ages of /these/ jaded apres-modernes State Liberallists!

A load of toads...except THAT is to slander King Bufo!

Phil said...

"How many attacks, and how seriously threatening, Mr Evans does not say: we have to take his word for it."

How big is the threat?
- I don’t know. But it’s big.
What do we have to do to stop it?
- I don’t know. Everything.
What, even kidnapping, assassination and torture?
- Whatever it takes!
For how long?
- I don’t know. For as long as it takes.
So! We’ll do whatever we want for as long as we want. Make sure the public doesn’t get wind of this.
- But we’re doing it for them.
They’d never understand the cold calculating logic of this terrible equation.

anticant said...

It is not, of course, logical. It is as crazy and self-defeating as the Nazis' paranoid determination to 'purify' German society by exterminating the Jews, or the Russian Communists' belief that they were 'safeguarding' food supplies by persecuting peasant small farmers and collectivising the land. The first brought disaster upon their entire society, and the second caused widespread famine.

anticant said...

And how about this?

Phil said...
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