Friday, 26 December 2008

Shum contradickshun, shurely?

In his Christmas message, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, the Reverend Haydn Thomas, pondered the meaning of "good will to all men”.

"It means showing tolerance towards all people, no matter what their creed, race, gender or politics," he said.

"It means accepting that everyone has a right to express their opinion even though they don't necessarily believe the same as you."

He then said he was 'hurt' by the two members of the Welsh assembly who invited poet Patrick Jones to read his poems at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

The poet's reading of his collection of poems Darkness Is Where The Stars Are led to protests and claims that his work was "obscene and blasphemous".

- BBC report

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zola a social thing said...

What did you expect from a Patrick Jones?