Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Pope's Christmas message

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.
- BBC News.

Well, it's a nice change from 'Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all Mankind'.

In these dire times we are living through, is gay-bashing really the most important mission of the Roman Catholic Church – above reducing global violence, seeking an end to war, ministering to the sick, the hungry, and the homeless?

The New Testament Jesus is not recorded as having even mentioned homosexuality. Nowadays, it seems to be an obsession of his vicars on earth – a displacement mechanism which allows them to turn their pious eyes away from the real evils afflicting humanity.

This ex-Nazi Pope is either na├»ve or deranged. Hopefully, no sane person will take much notice of his ignorant and bigoted pronouncements. He was recently forced to eat humble pie for a clumsy attack on Muslims; now he owes an apology to those belonging to sexual minorities – though it is unlikely to be forthcoming.

I repeat what I said on a previous post: Ever since it lost its moral and temporal supremacy at the Reformation, the Catholic Church has been consistently hostile to the liberal, civilised values of the Enlightenment, to modernity, and to scientific progress.

My Christmas message to the Pope and his minions is: It’s time for you to join the turkeys, and get stuffed.


anticant said...

My wise old grandmother used to say "What do a bunch of celibate old men wearing skirts know about sex?"

The answer, judging from the legions of child-abusing priests, would seem to be "Plenty".

zola a social thing said...

I think it was from Germany and the 1930s that one writer said that it takes a very religious person to be a good non-believer.

Dungeekin said...

Good post - found you from your comment on the Guardian page.

To me, the Church objection to homosexuality is the same as their objection to contraception. It's not about the Bible, it's about the Balance sheet.

Goodwill To All (Straight) Men?


Bodwyn Wook said...

This stuff of the Poop's is just abominable. The fact is that mixing in worldly politics (and, incidentally, /adding/ to the World's load of unloving misery!) is only another load of secularism. Low-end secularism, too. Rome becomes now, in a last lunge, in so many ways but another dish of shit, strictly on all fours with Nu Labour and the other so-called miserable and cramped 'uplifters'. So much in any case for any leftover transcendant mystery. The whole racket (except a handful of devout nuns and laity, to-day) is strictly devoid of any kind of imagination of mercy whatsoever! This church (in which I was raised and which I know has -- had? --also a most beautiful side) is, on balance, by now just quackery and it is only another inadequate human organisation, lost in the universal abandoned howling, and now stammering at the end of its remit. It is the germanic and senectuous, biophobic, yodelling of the God-damned -- at the God-damned.

Jose said...

Money and power have at all times been behind the Roman Church's behaviour.

I am sure that the reason for priests' celibacy is nothing but not having to afford the maintainance of a family on the Church's coffers.

Unfortunate statement of the Pope in a moment when the Church is confronting so many accusations for children molestation around the world. The latest I have a hint about has taken place in Ireland, the Catholic Nation par excellence.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Buggery, buggery everywhere,
nor a quim to quiff,
the ever-increasing price of copes and mitres,
coping with all of lawsuits' cost,
whatever is a patriarch to do,
and when the very Viagra hath lost its savour?

"Bailiff...whack their pee-pees!"

anticant said...

Purloined from another blog:

> > Jesus, what an offensive arsehole that man is

Yes indeed. I view him as the spiritual equivalent of Robert Mugabe but lacking his personal charm and sense of honesty.