Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Anticant is indisposed

For the past week the Burrow household has been in the grip of one of the worst 'flu-type viruses we can remember. So much for the vaunted jabs we had in October!

Anticant has stayed thankfully in bed, occasionally tottering along to the computer to check mail, but incapable of doing much typing. Pre-Christmas preparations have been disrupted, and it will be a while before normal blogging service is resumed [whatever passes for 'normal' in the Burrow and the Arena!]

In the meantime we wish all our friends and visitors a bright festive season.


zola a social thing said...

Keep the windows closed.( To prevent another in flew Enza mishaps)Sorry that was a rather old fashioned but still useful "joke".
Get yer arse out of bed.

Do you have a sick note?

Merkin said...

No sick notes in The Arena.

Hot toddy with lemon will soon have you on your feet.

anticant said...

Anticant's drooping spirits have been temporarily revived by gleeful contemplation of the latest multi-billion dollar scam by the aptly named Mr Madoff who sure made off with the loot.

Will they never learn?

Steelman said...

Get well soon, Anticant!

Bodwyn Wook said...

Aunty, no, I reckon they won't learn. And, Miss Mickey says the same goes for the good folk who continue to submit to these flu shots every year. Her father was carried off by Guine-Barre exhaustion and paralysis after the 1976 "swine flu" inoculation campaign. She thinks "they" are up to no good with these panics.

/I/ think I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and say "get well soon!"

Old Churchill used to hate a draught, er, draft, like Mr Badger, and he positively had the sashes puttied shut.

Jose said...

Take care and get well soon, anticant. You are missed.

pela68 said...

Get well soon.

Trying to recover from my third unsuccesful surgery. My leg is looking like a blimp. But now I'm looking forwards to the holiday season. -Or not really! I just hate the christmas gift shopping and the "visit all relatives" thing.
I just whish I could get a nights sleep and to throw away the chrutches.

Thing is, all the shops are located 5 Km outside of the city center where I live. I don't have a car so I must take the bus. Try doing that with four bags and chrutches! HEH!

Atleast I managed to haul home a XBOX for my son (and for myself)and a christmas tree, but I don't know how I will manage to cook the traditional Swedish chritmas dishes.

Well, well. It will solve it self- somehow.

Have a nice one!

zola a social thing said...

Well Jose : Saying that our deviant Anticant is "Missed" is really going too far.
This especially at yuletide when we all must do our best to be coorectly positioned.

Whatever happened to the Virgin Mary?

conrad the black-snake said...

Will Anticant get goosed at yuletide?
Is this the christmas message?

In fact most people today are already dis-possessisasted so to be merely indisposed is a blessing.

Jose said...

I can't but say you're right, Zola. LOL: