Sunday, 30 November 2008

Roll up, roll up!

In a newspaper interview clearly targeted at Private Eye’s Brownnoser of the Year award, the newly ennobled Lord Mandelson of Foye gushes that “Internationally people say to me, 'Your prime minister has been transformed. His standing has soared.' People really do look to him like some Moses figure who is going to lead them away from this economic mess to the promised land."

This likening of our dear Supreme Leader to an Old Testament prophet – and this one in particular – has occasioned some ribaldry on the blogosphere, where it’s been pointed out that Moses never actually reached the promised land, and one commentator expressed the wish that Gordo had never left the bulrushes in the first place. Anticant’s view is that Gordo doesn’t need to be Moses to get up our noses.

I’m not sure where Foye is - possibly a twee version of Fowey? - but in Lord M’s case a double ‘ll’ has obviously been omitted after the ‘o’. However, his eagerly awaited further interventions of this nature will at least boost what little Yuletide wassail we are able to muster this year.

And he has provided Anticant with a brilliant idea for a seasonal competition in which Burrow regulars and Arena visitors are invited to participate:


Anticant kicks off with Lord M himself as Joshua, because he sees himself as Gordo’s successor, destined to arrive at the promised land; Jacqui Smith as Salome, dancing before King Gordon with Damian Green’s head on a platter; and G.W. Bush as Belshazzar who ignored the writing on the wall and came a cropper.

Over to you!


zola a social thing said...

Fred Umbleweed from Stirling seems to be a Thomas because he doubts.

Bwwwyan, that is the Biblical Bwwwyan of olde, is surely Toni Blair because others made im that way.

Then we av Zara-touched-her. Maggie step up please for your thus spoke award and yer come-uppance(s)

no longer a virgin chambermaid said...

Anticant is the beast of 666 because he is always the only member of the club that has real horns.

anticant said...

Anticant is very rarely horny these days, alas.

inspector of the heads said...

Anticant admits he is a politician.
Let this be noted in the records of the court!

Merkin said...

Did like the Salome one, Anti.

My favourite?

Alex Salmond as Ezekiel coz he has got them wheels turnin'.

zola a social thing said...

Oh dear me.
The Tales of the Beadle and the Bard are now published.

At long last the truth will come out!

anticant said...

Stick to politicians and biblical characters, please, Zola.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Sorry, I can't quite get past la Bush hung up by the hairs, a la Absalom....

If Blair and Gordo be likened to David and Jonathon, where does that leave Lord Mendacity?

If Saul isn't exactly up his street, he could go for Count Ciano, I reckon...except that that one is kind of outside the frame of the contest rules as propounded by The Beetle and Lady Carthorse, hmm?