Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mr Otis regrets.....

Another “weepie”, this time from the ‘Telegraph’. Otis Ferry, the high-profile pro-hunting campaigner, has been remanded in custody ahead of his trial on charges of robbery, assault and perverting the course of justice.

Speaking outside the court, his mother said: “"I am worried about him being in prison without any clean socks or shirts. For someone who loves the outdoors so much it's very difficult to be in a cell without windows. I have been in a police cell and it's not a pleasant place to be."

Whether you love the outdoors or not, being banged up in a police cell is never a pleasant place to be.

Poor Otis! Maybe his dad, the warbling Bryan, is even now crafting an update of Cole Porter’s celebrated song:

“Mr Otis regrets he’s unable to hunt today……….”


the burrow bard said...

Mr Otis regrets he’s unable to hunt today
Mr Otis regrets he’s unable to hunt today.
For he’s got banged up inside
And can’t go for a ride
Mr Otis regrets he’s unable to hunt today.

When his mother heard the news
She got a fit of the blues in a big, big way.
For he’s got no clean shirts or socks
Inside those prison locks
Mr Otis regrets he’s unable to hunt today.

When he’s taken from durance vile and put on trial
His family and friends will gather outside and pray
That he’s not sent back inside
Which would really hurt his pride,
For he’d not be hunting again for many a day.

Jose said...


anticant said...

Otis Ferry is, I believe, an intimate of Prince Charles and sons, and of the county hunting set, and so most unlikely to suffer much more severe punishment than the temporary lack of clean shirts and socks for his alleged misdeeds.

David Gerard said...

I think the bail refusal was less over the original charges as the (alleged) suborning of a witness, i.e. acting like an arrogant untouchable young twat.

@the burrow bard - *applause* even my pro-hunting girlfriend was most amused (and agrees that Young Mr Ferry has acted like a twat).

anticant said...

Thanks, David. I'm reluctant to poke fun at anyone who has the misfortune to be banged up, even if only temporarily - but I do think Otis F has gone OTT in this instance, and as you say he mistakenly [I hope] regards himself as untouchable.

The best way to change laws one disapproves of is to campaign peacefully and lawfully. If you feel morally obliged to "do a Pankhurst" you should be prepared to take the consequences - and at the very least ask your Mum not to churn out public sob-stuff.

There are far too many self-styled "victims" these days. [Remember "Gee Officer Krupke" from 'West Side Story'?]

zola a social thing said...

Has anybody campaigned for Labour with the hope that the LAWS will change to favour the majority?

anticant said...

I have said for many general elections past, Zola, that the party which promises to overhaul the Statute Book and abolish all the unnecessary laws - at least 50 per cent. - and enforce the remaining ones effectively would sweep the country.

But politicians daftly believe that just by making yet another new law they are actually changing something. It is rubbish. If the laws are stupid - as most of them are - all they do is build up resentment.

I heartily dislike cruelty to animals - including foxes - but the blanket ban on hunting was obviously going to be unenforcible and was just another piece of Bliar's gesture politics.

It's a great mistake for townies to alienate the country folk. We shall without any doubt get our comeuppance.

zola a social thing said...

GM Industries find support from the country folk and the townies suffer cause the country eat their own.

Tis a job for a Prince methinks.

Carla the Sun Queen said...

If you kiss a frog that is what you get.

anticant said...

I have kissed far too many frogs to believe any longer - if I ever did - that some day one of them will turn into a prince [Highgrove variety or otherwise].

Bodwyn Wook said...

"A-cunting, er...hunting we will & /cet/" (Tune sung by moose in Alaska, whilst out and about with THEIR shotguns on opening day.)

Wm S Burroughs was pretty scathing about county-hunt "...Englishmen and their shit-eating dogs...."

FeralBlogger said...

Odious Otis is he.