Thursday, 10 July 2008

From the Horses' Mouths

The [not so] Silly Season is starting early.

President Bush jauntily labels himself “the world’s biggest polluter”. How true – and not merely because of the USA’s excessive carbon gas emissions. During his eight-year presidency, Dubya has emitted more verbal poison than a dozen herds of belching Texan steers.

Our very own broody PM Gordon Brown rashly confides that he sees himself as an “older, wiser” Heathcliff. As Emily Brontë’s Gothick anti-hero of Wuthering Heights is just about the most viciously destructive character in fiction, inflicting disaster upon everything and everyone around him including those whom he professes to love, GB’s Labour colleagues may well concur in his self-assessment.

And that stalwart champion of feminism, Harriet Harman, titters that she couldn’t possibly supplant “true grit” Gordon as PM, because if she did "there aren't enough airports in the country for all the men who would want to flee the country". She flatters herself. I know a good many women who would be jostling for places on those overcrowded planes in that unlikely event.


butwhatif said...

Are you sure GWB, thinking of hanging chads in Florida, didn't mean "the world's biggest poll-looter"?

anticant said...

Good point, bwi, but don't you think Mugabe trumps him on that one, if only by a short head?

Jose said...

Your excellent sense of humour at work, Anticant. It made me laugh, but aren't all leaders in a way laughable?

When I hear them spilling their political nonsense it's hard for me which to chose: weep or laugh. The latter is best for one's own spirit.

zola a social thing said...

Anticant : I did notice a little but significant turn of phrase in your final paragraph.
You did not say that you knew many good women but you did say that you knew "many women who would".
As you know Anticant I always like to get to the details in any debate.
This is a warning before next weeks Anticant Questions Time.

anticant said...

The ladies I refer to are traditional feminine women - not 1970s militant feminist man-hating wimmin. The latter will no doubt rally round Ms Harperson's standard to ensure that misandry rules OK.

Her remarks also have obvious implications for the government's air traffic expansion programme, and we shall doubtless now see rapid moves towards the third Heathrow runway, the doubling in size of Stansted, and other follies.

Bodwyn Wook said...

I'd just put Anne Widdicombe onto her and call it a dog's dinner, eh?

And didn't David Cameron invite Gordie to climb on down, from those 'dithering heights'?

anticant said...

Actually it was George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, who said that.

A mud-wrestling contest between Harman and Widdecombe? Now THERE's a thought....