Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Political joke of the year

This comment, posted on an article by George Monbiot in today's 'Guardian' by someone calling themself 'Martin Smith', has given me my biggest laugh for ages:

"now that most problems in society have been solved, voters hold parties to a far higher standard. These days it's mainly judged oin [sic] the quality of the spin and presentation, as we can see with the jump to Cameron since Blair stepped down.

New Labour is a victim of its own success; by solving most of the nation's ills they now have created a country full of shallow ungrateful voters who follow the wind. This is the biggest problem they face."

When in a hole of your own making, blame the gormless voters! Who else?


Mark01 said...

I found his comments rather honest and quite to the point.

anticant said...

Another joker in the pack!

Merkin said...

Martin Smith aka MarkGreen0 is beyond a joke.