Sunday, 11 May 2008

No room for moral relativism

Although taking a rest from blogging, I still read the news, and others' views, attentively. This item from today's 'Observer' so shocked me that I feel bound to post it and make a comment:

My response is that beliefs and behaviour such as this show up the moral relativism of 'multiculturalism' for the humbugging sham that it is.

Far from 'political correctness' being a socially benign salve to 'hurt feelings', there are times when spades need to be called bloody shovels, and the only term to be applied to religious and cultural beliefs such as this is Barbarism.

The self-delusion of someone who, after murdering his own daughter, can say "everyone knows that honour killings sometimes are impossible not to commit" is not only appalling; it is utterly disgusting and downright wicked.

Where are the voices of the once strident feminists on this issue?


zola a social thing said...

Oh dear me.
Take away any "bint" of the market forces and you take away all feminism of recent times.
Where are the feminists?
They do not exist by themselves, for themselves or even of themselves.

Anonymous said...

More Islam bashing I suppose. Don't you think for one moment that simular events happened in occupied France during WW11 when fraternisation with the enemy occured? It has nothing at all to do with religion.

anticant said...

"It has nothing at all to do with religion" - what an utterly fatuous comment!

Richard W. Symonds said...

If there were no religions, it would be necessary for Man to invent one - someone has to be made a scapegoat for God's sake !

anticant said...

What else are religions but man-invented figments of the human imagination - and all too often used, as in this instance, to excuse vile and totally abhorrent behaviour?

Are you, and 'anonymous', defending what this man and his sons did to his daughter? Are you in favour of 'honour killings?'

I can see no other motive for your idiotic comments.

Richard W. Symonds said...

I'm not "in favour" of ANY killings - be they "honour killings" or "bombs from 30,000 feet killings", or whatever.

But I suppose, AC, you will also consider the above comment "idiotic".

Am I bovvered ?! Yes, a little - and a little hurt.

Lighten up if you can.

anticant said...

n that case, why did you bother commenting that religion was being made a 'scapegoat', when in this case the murder was clearly inspired by religious fanaticism?

And if considering such fanaticism is barbaric and loathsome makes me an 'Islam basher', I am quite happy to be called that by someone who is stupid [or dishonest] enough to say that "it has nothing at all to do with religion".

What utter poppycock!

Hemingstein in Paris said...

Jee Hah bring out the shovels.
Morality is what you feel good about after the act.
Shovels away Min.... yang tang diddle and yang tang diddle I poo.

anticant said...

The 'feel good' factor is obviously uppermost in those who murder in the name of Allah or some other non-existent deity and then boast about their vile behaviour.