Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Plea for Peace

The following Declaration against Global Violence was posted as an online petition by Anticant and a few friends in several countries in the Spring of 2007. So far, it has attracted fewer than 50 signatures. This strikes me as a sad commentary on the state of the world and the combative temper of the blogosphere. I hope that visitors to Anticant's Arena will read the petition and, if they agree with it, take a moment to sign it by clicking on the link at the head of the 'friendly places' sidebar.

To: Citizens of the World


We the undersigned call upon our fellow world citizens to join us in doing everything in our power to reduce the prevailing level of global violence, and to seek the resolution of all conflicts by peaceful means.

We do not believe that the promoters of hatred and the practitioners of violence [whether in the name of countries or causes] are supported by the great mass of humanity. Their behaviour, under whatever pretext, is immoral and intolerable. We abhor their activities, and deplore the amount of publicity given to them as well as the unhealthy depiction and glorification of fictional violence in so much ‘entertainment’.

We believe that the great majority of human beings, whatever their country or creed, are good-hearted peace-loving people like ourselves, who wish for an end to violence in personal, domestic, public, and international affairs.

We urge all those holding responsible positions in politics, government, and the media to pledge themselves to do their utmost to achieve a more peaceful world through discussion and negotiation, and to renounce violence as an instrument of policy.

We ask all those in agreement with this statement to sign it, and to pass it on to others requesting them to do so.

Note: This Declaration has been launched by private citizens of several countries, with the aim of gathering worldwide support from as many peace-loving non-violent people as are willing to sign it. The Declaration is not sponsored by any organisation, and your signature commits you to nothing except endorsement of the above text. No copyright is claimed. There is no limit to the number of signatures we seek. We ask you to publicise the Declaration in every legitimate way you can and to urge others to sign. Tell all your family, friends, and colleagues. Post the link on your website. Help to create a publicity snowball for humanity’s demand that violence must stop.


pela68 said...

Well AC

When I click on that link I'm redirected to some spamsight who want's me to download some software. As much as I would like to sign this petition...

pela68 said...

The second time I tried it worked, but I suppose there are a lot of people being frightened off.

I also discovered that I had already signed the petition...

Anonymous said...

where am I s'posed to sign it at???