Monday, 21 January 2008

Does God's existence matter?

Another resurrection from the Anticant Archive:

I am becoming increasingly convinced that it doesn’t. The truth or otherwise of the existence of a supernatural being or beings will never be conclusively decided in the absence of proof that convinces non-believers, and arguments around the topic merely cause bad feelings between people of good will who would be better employed bending their energies in co-operating to solve the practical problems bedevilling the world.

What really does matter is the consequences of religious belief, particularly as manifested in the actions of those who are self-professed disciples of the competing faiths of Jehovah, Jesus, or Allah. The insane hatreds and conflicts generated by these people rend the fragile fabric of peace into shreds, and endanger everyone all over the world, whether believers or not.

It only takes one person or group to make a quarrel; it takes both sides to make peace. It is futile to talk of peace when one side, or both, have no genuine wish for it. This is clearly the present position in the Israel-Palestine conflict and in the disputes between Islamic jihadists and crusaders for Christ. Both sides are stuck firmly in blaming mode, each protesting like Tweedledum and Tweedledee that their battles are the fault of the other. There are well-tried conflict resolution techniques aplenty, but these are not likely to get a look in until both parties to these and other world antagonisms are ready to put the past behind them and to consider the present and future realistically.

While religious myths retain their grip, this seems a remote possibility. And time is fast running out. Whether a Supreme Being - Jehovah, the God of Jesus, or Allah – actually exists or not, His all too numerous fanatical, frightful, hate-filled devotees most certainly do, alas!


Jose said...

Yes, Anticant, religious or not we are living in this world and it is our duty to make living here as placid as possible.

anticant said...

A placid world would be lovely, wouldn't it? But how do we achieve it? Persuading lots of people just to calm down would be a first step. The trouble is, they've plenty to be angry about.

Signing the Declaration Against Global Violence would be a good start!

Jose said...

I signed it when you first made it known.

And yes, but our education should advise us not to follow suit as far as violence is concerned. I know we have much to complain about, but let's only complain, let's not resort to violent methods.