Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Brown makeover or Mugabe takeover?

A new name for our ruling [just about] party:


I like it!

[hat-tip Dennis on Nanny Knows Best blog.]

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Emmett said...

THE Real gag is these so-called 'gang masters' who run these East Europe guest-workers in Cornwall are paying the devils maybe thirty quids every fortnight, and one bastard came to the end still owing the son-of-a bitch six pounds.... How much do THESE boss-cocky shits kick back to Uncle Labour under the Tory-Lib Dem snout? And, meanwhile, the Nimrod aeroplanes keep falling out of the sky.... Makes Des Brown look a bit of what these Yanks would call a "NUMB rod!" And, a limp prick, I daresay.... 'Viagra' was gotten up for these state-liberallist types, eh?