Monday, 22 October 2007

Europe and the USA - another view

Time to end the European Union’s shameful appeasement of the USA and the Apartheid State.

The European Union has refused to endorse a proposal by Egypt for a “nuclear free” zone in the Middle East. Although no reason has been given by the EU for this ridiculous decision, it’s clear that the illogical view prevails and that is it’s alright for Israel to have both nuclear energy and nuclear weapons but for Iran have nuclear energy.

The USA may feel that Israel is a special case in view of the fact that it has kept the Middle East continuously in a state of turmoil over the last 60 years and supports American attempts at world domination, but why Europeans should subscribe to this view is beyond comprehension.

It really is time that the European Union distanced itself as far away as possible from the USA both politically and economically and looked for new alliances with Russia, China and the Middle East in general. Yes I know that China isn’t exactly a model of an ideal society, but on the other hand they haven’t caused the deaths of at least 2.7 million Muslims in Iraq, 1.5 million caused by the UN Sanctions the USA refused to release despite being aware of the genocide it caused and a further 1.2 million as a direct result of the illegal invasion in 2003.

Economically the USA is on a slippery slope with an increasing gradient and confusion is taking hold. A weak dollar is good, so is a strong dollar, conflicting views from two 'experts'. The bottom line is that it's very much out of the control of the US Treasury, they have very little foreign currency or gold reserves and the fact they've been backing the US$ by oil in the last few decades is coming to an end. The very fact that the US$ is falling against all major currencies reduces confidence and results in further falls.

The USA has been so busy funding theirs wars of aggression that they've taken their eye off the ball and it's too late to correct. Huge trade deficits, huge Treasury deficits and printing money like crazy to try and buy off the inevitable.

Clearly the Chinese and others have decided enough is enough and instead of re-investing the surplus dollars back to the USA they have started looking elsewhere for a safe investment, or indeed investing their surplus in China itself. The pending failure of the US$ is the basic reason for the illegal invasion of Iraq and indeed Afghanistan, the current belligerent attitude towards Iran and the antagonism shown towards Russia, Venezuela and China.

What Europe needs to do is to look aside from the quislings in our midst, people like the midget Sarkosy of France or Blair of Britain. Just last week Blair was expressing shock at the desolation in the West Bank caused by the Apartheid State and he didn’t even go to Gaza, where Palestinians are being killed on a daily basis and the population being starved to death, not only food wise but economically.

But by yesterday Blair had recovered enough from his shock and was in New York speaking at a charity dinner where to great applause he likened Iran to Nazi Germany, presumably on account of Iran’s refusal to get rid of their non-existent nuclear weapons.

Frankly what I associate with Nazi Germany was invading countries on false pretences, concentration camps, torture, an attempt to dominate the world especially in regards to natural resources. But of course it all adds to the average American’s belief that the world is threatened by Islamofascists and I’m sure Blair will be rewarded by his masters in Washington for such a wonderful speech.

Blair also claimed, in exactly the same way he lied about Iraq, that Iran was involved in terrorism, despite the fact that both the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan have denied Iranian involvement. Of course he doesn’t have the slightest evidence to back up his accusations, but when has that ever worried Blair?

Indeed being the most popular European in the USA, saying exactly what America wants to hear guarantees massive fees when he takes time off from being a war mongering “peace envoy” and goes on a speaking tour. I wonder how many Americans realise that the majority of Britons despise Blair over his ability to lie to order for reasons of personal gain?

Today the media reported that Sarkosy of France, the poison dwarf, has recommended Blair to be the first President of the EU in 2009 but I’m afraid he’s overlooked that the International Criminal Court is based in Brussels.

The time has come for the European Union to voice its own policies in world affairs and not to be influenced either by the USA or the Apartheid State.

We already have the largest single market and the most powerful economy in the world; what’s more it’s backed with a strong currency backed by a stable economy and not just printing presses. Close American bases down, disband NATO, which is simply an agent for American imperialism, and distance ourselves as far as possible from the real Nazis in this world.

Michael Lee
Oxford UK

October 21st 2007

Reproduced with permission from MWC News blog.


anticant said...

"I wonder how many Americans realise that the majority of Britons despise Blair over his ability to lie to order for reasons of personal gain?"

And even worse, because his lies are such obvious lies yet he seems to sincerely believe them. Blair - for all his self-preening - lacks any sense of history and the ability to make reality-based judgements. Like Bush, he is a 'hunch' person, guided - so they both claim - by God. Walter Mittys with their fingers on much too powerful buttons.

The British public were preponderantly against going to war against Iraq, some for moral reasons, others - like myself - because it was so obviously a stupid and counterproductive thing to do. Blair blithely ignored the public mood, and his sheep-like MPs grudgingly trotted along behind him.

It's very interesting that at this year's Labour Party conference - Gordon Brown's coronation - Blair was completely airbrushed out, and received scarcely a mention.

Jose said...

The King is dead, long live the King!

Blair is no longer of use to Britain, he keeps being of use to the US and the Israelis.

Bush's America could not be deprived so easily of Blair's invaluable assistance.

Richard W. Symonds said...

Blair's war rhetoric still fails to convince

Independent, The (London), Mar 8, 2004 by Richard W Symonds

Sir: So, our present Prime Minister operated outside international law, with profound sincerity and conviction. That just makes him a profoundly sincere international outlaw with convictions.

Emmett said...

I Thought the 'poison dwarf' was Clinton's labour-sec'y. Reich, a dyed-in-the-wool hardened state-liberallist....

OR, He was one of Hitler's generals in on the bomb-plot?

DER Gift 'present' I should wish to get!

(BLAIR, Being too tall, is just another 'jammy bastard', I reckon.... Along with /les/ Bush & Cheney, both of whom are midget personalities, like the H G Wells guy who thought he was the re-incarnation of Sargon of Akkadia!)

Emmett said...

/BEING/ 'The empire' is a ghastly sort of job which no one really mature or with any /bona fide/ interests in life whatsoever enjoys, not /really/; so, in the english case at any rate, all of the chat about the 'white man's burthen' /was/ a load of persiflage & overly-ornate (!) hokum. These things sprout up in history mainly as social valves & entertainment-mechanisms, for the less-intelligent, the excessively young & kinaesthesiac, and all of the other children of the lesser gods, which civilisations produce in such large numbers invariably & in their always-undignified late-maturity. It /is/, alas, Hell on whomever are told off by Time to be The Coons...but, also, an occasion for ME at last to be better than /someone/ anyhow, in this case these appalling New Conmen, dreadful secret Zionists & /saudia/ proctosculants!

Merkin said...

Problem is Blair is being touted as the new EU President.

anticant said...

Not just a problem - a nightmare!

Yankee Doodle said...

The world was so much better-run back when Britannia ruled, don't you chaps think so?

anticant said...

Sarcasm apart, the world might well be better run today if the British hadn't been so inept in the 1770s at putting down the Yankee rebels who terrorised and drove out their Loyalist brethren and hijacked the Thirteen Colonies. If the USA had evolved more gradually to independence through membership of the Commonwealth, today's world might not be faced with the swashbuckling, buccaneering type of economic and military US imperialism we are sadly experiencing from a superpower run amok.