Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Not for the beach

The following aren't ideal stress-removers for beach or poolside reading, but all, I think, essential information for those of us who are concerned about the global scene:

Gore Vidal: Dreaming War

John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Rachel Ehrenfeld: Funding Evil

I append a review of the latter, posted by Bryan at Hot Air:

I received Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed — and How to Stop It, by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld last week. Since it was published in the US, and since Dr. Ehrenfeld is courageously battling bin Mafouz almost singlehandedly to keep the book in publication, Funding Evil isn’t likely to be banned. But it’s still a book that’s worth getting soon, if you want to see how terrorism finance works laid out in exhaustive detail. Funding Evil will arm you with enough knowledge to see the outlines of the jihad strategy to spread sharia and Dar al Islam around the world. It is dense with enough detail to make it a vital reference, yet engaging and readable for mainstream audiences. It ought to be available in every library in America and the West.

Scanning the book, it’s not hard to see why Mr. bin Mafouz wants it squashed. He appears on page 22 accused of dropping tens of millions of dollars directly into terrorist bank accounts. He appears on page 39 dropping funds into the bank accounts of “charities” that are in turn known supporters of Hamas and al Qaeda. His family turns up throughout the book funding various causes that just happen to funnel money to terrorist groups. The book certainly either defames or defines his character. Given the fact that other authors have researched bin Mafouz’s finances and found similar financial connections and transactions, it’s more likely the latter. So he sues.

Dr. Ehrenfeld’s fight will set free speech precedent for decades to come. If she succeeds, overseas courts will not be able to punish authors whose books are published in the US but sold internationally via Amazon and other online outlets. If her fight fails, then Khalid bin Mafouz will use his billions to come after other American authors who expose how terrorism is financed and fueled by wealthy Saudis and others who appear to be trying to buy their way into paradise by funding worldwide homicide bombing. And he’ll come after US reporters, columnists and bloggers too. Her fight is our fight and your fight too.

Funding Evil is essential reading. With a foreword by former DCI James Woolsey and a critique of the 9-11 Commission report as well as details on terror financing and support for the legal jihad that reach right into the Saudi royal family, Funding Evil is indeed a book that the Saudis don’t want you to read.


Emmett said...

ONE Of course supports without reservation the right to speak and write freely on any topic.

IN The event, one knows from the human nature that laws against expression, whilst they may cause a lot of suffering, are hopeless to begin with. This is because often enough such laws are conceived out of such decent motives such as protecting small children against filth and precocious sexualisation. Or black people having to put up with the N-word. Or fat people having to see weight-loss ads in the tube. All of that is kindly enough....

BUT -- This optimistic censoriousness ignores the human shadow as does so much of our post-modern therapeutistic drooling, and so no wonder now we have to go find some sort of 'evil' amongst the mad Mespots! It provides also an 'out' for the more-violently-disposed of our young, whose queer-bashing & fooetr-hooliganism at home gets on the nerves.

ALAS, Until people themselves "right here to home" as biophysical and social and juridicial 'individuals' objectively are better emotionally and religiously and (please, let me say this), indeed, scientifically, there will be always defectives obsessing about sex with babies, calling out 'nigger!' publicly at every opportunity, yelling (in American) "nyaah, lard-lips!" at the the drop of a candy-wrapper.

OR, As to-day, rushing in numbers to the latest fad-container proposed by the entertainment industry in their Tee Vees, for diverting a somnolent and vaguely nervous, rather extravagant, society from its, precisely, pre-diabetic true situation.

SO, One sees for oneself that expression-freedom has the undoubted benefit of letting the bucketheads yodel along, "right out in front of God and everybody!" as the Americans say.

THIS In turn lets us know 1) what their latest phantasies & megrims may be (/and/ the raids they are planning on the public treasury in support of their diseased somewhat-jejeune thrills), and 2) what such conditions look like in the afflicted, and those with little or no depth-perception.

NOT Least, to the perceptive, such examples availed by free speech may allow us to recognise perhaps when we, ourselves, are going off the deep end and -- in an altogether possessed neighbourly way! -- falling into our own share of the common fear and anger, greed and lust. These last, as well as the near-universal intellectual and moral laziness, are so to speak 'THE facts of the case', and they are the the burden of all socialist and fascist animal human being. The intimidating thing, of course, is that such material as I've cited /supra/ constitutes all-too-often the much of the quotidien output in particular societies....

OUR Malaise and dreads stem, I perceive, from the historical fact that, for us, the /aeon/ has turned. Whereas the mahometan malaise has rather a different implication, trending in an opposite direction of course, as I shall allude /infra/.

NATURALLY, To those infesting the old set-up with its elaborate (but now financially- and morally-exhausted) systems of differential professionalist benefit to themselves, the various avatars and incarnations of the new cultural form looming in the World can ONLY appear as the "Devil from Hell."

TO The devout religious believer, whose literary language and latterly-refined images dominated at the height of western modernity, this 'devil' was (and /is/) the pornographers and atheists and, indeed, any defenders of all-in free speech. These folk, filled with faith against the general dirt, grieve & miss bitterly the protections offered in any human society /alone by the saving hypocrisy/.

LATTERLY, And under conditions of late-modern 'hyer-prosperity', to the emergent devout atheists and other professionally-successful, all who prosper from the condition of semi-public nudity among the generations, and its expensive results all demanding amelioration, to all supporters of exclusively material approaches to apparently all-material 'real' problems, the oil-baronetcy and so forth, this same 'devil' (our universal truculence and resentment at at even-merely-projected changes in the official prestige-regimen) is now projected onto the religious of any sort, any of the rival 'superstitous' whose rabbit's feet do not agree with mine as to colour and size an do forth.

THIS Latter 'rational' attitude also can be maintained well, at least in the short term, as long as one neatly evades the too-numerous embarrassing analogies, to the previous & allegedly-superseded phantasy-system of credential shibboleths.

THE Mahometan, toiling under conditions of ironic historical /delay/, has of course his trash religious notions and suicide-bombers as well. Again just as we have our dear hysterical confidence in our rubbishy electronics, Gordon Brown and Britney Spears...thank heavens for the New Cunts, of course, /messrs/ Perle, Wolfowitz /et al/. For without these ageing intellectual- & policy-bankrupts, we'd have no way whatsoever, for knowing that /this/ is 'the best of all possible worlds'!

IN Closing, much is made of the undoubted fact that some equally-doubtlessly-obese "Ay-rabe" is flinging his money around to foment outrages. To one who knows anything whatsoever about human being, this sort of assertion repeated over and over in a state of semi-sexual excitement & in hushed panickey voices by over-paid theoreticians & terror-quacks is tiresome & it is but a blinding glimpse of the obvious....

OTHER Obesities also in the World are planning festivities for us, as well, everything from genetically-modified food that produces 'seed' which is no longer independently fertile to a monopoly (!) on 'all' of the drinking water. These hitlerisms history shows, the immoderate 'global' pretension, all of it in the end fails all of the time...but, on the way all of it (including the /senilities/!) causes a deal of Hell & uproar, all the while putting a deal of publishing-money into the pockets of the contemporary priesthoods.

Emmett said...

NOW Pinned back to /Bodwyn Wook/:


Yankee Doodle said...

Thanks for helping get the word out about Dr. Ehrenfeld.