Saturday, 11 August 2007

The Gospel according to St. Dubya

Read this and be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Because this is the most powerful man in the world.....


Jose said...

Isn't the Pope at the Vatican afraid this egomaniac will make millions of Catholics shift faith?

I wonder why those Heads of Churches haven't yet jumped at his throat for using God without their consent.

anticant said...

Surely an acute case of "Do as I say, not as I do". Fine words butter no parsnips.

Jose said...

But... that is what all churches' leaders do, don't they, Anticant?

Emmett said...

OH, Don't let's all get in a panty-wad! Bush is just staked out in front of the building like a rather cleaned-up billy goat twisting its Y-fronts, for the trailercourts to ooh & aah over. Whilst late-modern saecular state-liberallist humanists (all of THAT -- exactly!) such as R D "---- You!" Cheney loll on the wards and cling on frantically to MEDICAL redemption! Every one of these quacking bungholes has /something/ they stick their 'ultimate faith' (and other things!) in to.

Emmett said...

HERE Is the real gen on all of this, for YD & Everyone:

IN Aid of understanding the problem of /hysteria/, the mahometan Sufis point out that religions over time and regardless of original purpose, like most other human social set-ups, go to Hell and become part of the entertainment-industry:

"NYAAH, Nyaah, I believe in God, you don't -- you ARE a asshole! Wiener in yer turd-shoot! Jesus RULES!" (He does of course, certainly in the archetypal sense -- but obviously not /this/ "born again" impenetrable loudmouth.)

THIS Is because physical human beings respond to conditioning systems, bribes and punishments.

/OPERATIONALLY/, Then, religions necessarily are set up much like Parliament or a whorehouse. At the end of the day & when they deteriorate, becoming /wholly/ like the american congressional casino, the conditioning-process remains in gear at full chat after third change up -- and /it/ barrels along at full tilt....

CONDITIONING Systems as such are /socially/ contingent -- they are, objectively, all whoredoms -- on anger and fear, greed and lust, laziness and mainly emotional gratifications. This all is as an end in itself and for sake of the opportunities vouchsafed, for fancy stealing among the leaders. Anything EXCEPT of course pointing to something /beyond/ the grotesqueries of social life! Thus, when the critics of degenerate religion perceive the conceited swinishness of the 'believers', of course they are entitled to criticise & bellyache.

THE Tragedy is that the critics then, in an understandable nausea, throw out the whole category of the 'divine' and the /mysterium/.

OF course, the fundamentalist "true believers", when told on reliable authority (mine, as an Institute 82nd; as yet, I have /not/ 'gone divine') that they indeed /do/ have a date 'in Hell' for the way their hypocrisy has cheated so many others out of joy, they WILL all bridle, blare & bitch. However, the psychological problems & tantrums some experience in absorbing objective information are /not/ my problem. As the hysterics settle down, one-by-one we will talk.

FOR Now, we must leave it at this:

/ANYONE/ Who goes along with the religious message simply in order to get /their/ bewarted genital & scabby little ass into Heaven and to avoid Hell, and "God-damnn" the rest, /is/ a yellow coward, a pig and a disaster to faith everywhere...unfortunately, these often-socially-thwarted hogs & pukebags /are/ the main clientle of the entertainment-religions.

THIS Is why real Mahometans (/not/ the produced ones for Tee Vee put on cable, by 'Nu Labour -- Old Scrotes' & G W Bush, Inc) everywhere say (in the american version):

"ALLAH, For Christ's sakes, IF I serve you to get into Heaven, keep my bony ass OUT. And if I seek you in order to escape Hell -- throw me into the God-damned BOILER to-day! /Amin/"

[citation /supra/ extensively paraphrased by staff & scholars of Benny Raymond Mosques, Ltd; in order to facilitate ease of communication with a post-modern sub-literate readership; /all rights reserved/, Vega Star-System & London, Old Earth]