Monday, 9 July 2007

Why is the US anti-war movement so feeble?

One possible explanation here. Some interesting comments, too.


Emmett said...

IT May be that the american antiwar-moiety is quiescent because, subliminally, they sense nonetheless that G W Bush and that puling load of power-hacks around him, and the as-murderous democrat party, all are as doomed as everything else. There are allusions in that direction, in the following:

pela68 said...

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Jose said...

Perhaps not so feeble, Anticant: you may like to read

this article

Is it a way to protest, too?

tyger said...

I was not aware that the US anti-war movement was in trouble. I would say that US anti-war movements has put the British to shame.

That said, Politicians both sides of the pond have let us down.