Monday, 11 June 2007

Does America want a new Cold War?

“The [neoCons’] real goal is to force Moscow to conform to Washington’s ‘diktats’ or face the prospect of first-strike annihilation. That’s why Putin has expressed growing concern over the administration’s dropping out of the ABM Treaty and the development of a new regime of low yield, bunker-busting nuclear weapons. The ‘hawks’ who surround Bush have abandoned the deterrence policy of the past, and now believe that a nuclear war can be ‘won’ by the United States. THIS IS MADNESS AND IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

Read this very important article.


Jose said...

In this connection you may be interested in reading an article I posted at

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Emmett said...

THE 'New Cunt' theory is as old as animal human nature, and it is, in essence, that exercising the capacity to /start/ the trouble somehow means a nation's /macht/ is yet intact & that its 'initiative' somehow is not yet impaired -- this disregards a bit too much, however, namely that when finally Grandpa widdles once too often down the chair-leg onto the mat, that the ungrateful offsprings then cart the Senectuous Old Fuck swearing away into 'care'.

Emmett said...

jose -- sorry, I couldn't get the sonofabitch to open up -- would you be so good as to post the full URL?

Cheers, Wook