Friday, 25 May 2007

Worst president?

An alternative view of Jimmy Carter, the saintly peanut vendor.


ranger said...

Any person who's got the balls to personally go and have a 'sit down' with a leader of a rouge nation in order to better the chances of a non-hostile future rather than perpetuate propaganda and insist on non-communication is a true 'leader'. The worst kind of leader?... is the one who insists on avoiding peaceful negotiation and communication, the one who conducts the spinning of misinformation and pushes their nation towards violence and armed conflict with eyes wide open.

Carter made mistakes, fair enough, but those mistakes were made in the name of peace. His mistakes pale in comparison to those of BushCo who's are made because of an addiction to greed, power, corruption and violence.

"Apparently the man whose idea of leadership was to sit in front of a fireplace and blame everything on America's "malaise" does not consider Islamofascists turning passenger jets into manned cruise missiles and flying them into skyscrapers a direct threat."

It is this simpleminded mentality and backward logic of continually associating the legitimacy of the Iraq War with the 'plane missiles' coming from bin-Laden that will lead America's fools right into Iran.

Been watching and waiting over the last few years, eagerly anticipating a Carter statement of direct and public criticism of BushCo and was happy to see him speaking out in direct language. I'm extremely disappointed that he bowed to pressure and decided to qualify and apologize for his statement. It is a perfect example of the problem that so many American's have w/ Carter. I can let this slide, it shows he's human and that is what America desperately needs in its highest office, a hint of humanity if not the real deal.
The silent observer role that former presidents play is bullshit. If not them to offer opinion in retrospect for us to analyze and critique than who?

anticant said...

Without wishing to 'bash' Jimmy Carter - who struck me as one of the more benign US Presidents, if a tad wimpish - the linked article shows him to be tarred with the familiar brush:

ranger said...

Interesting article Anti. I am of the opinion that wqqae could do w/ a more 'benign' American president.

Anonymous said...

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Jose said...

I find President Carter is a brave man who really loves his country. I find the leader of the Representatives hasn't been up to the expectations the new majority might have made Americans conceive.

Pity that risks have not been taken by them in these circumstances when American soldiers are going through hell in Iraq for something that isn't America's business in general and is the business of a few in particular.

anticant said...

There's little to choose between Democrats and Republicans. Both are heavily dependent on big business finance, and are under the thumb of the Zionist lobbies. It isn't only right wing elements in the US who want to widen the Middle East conflict. All the religious zealots - Christian, Jewish and Islamic - do. The fact that the only sensible attitude is "a plague on all your houses" doesn't make the situation any less dangerous.

As I have repeatedly said, the Middle East mess isn't 'just' about oil. It's even more about religious madness.

anticant said...

The article linked below fleshes out my point about the Democrats.

1loneranger said...

"The congressional Democrats are cynical, but they are not stupid. If the surge works and U.S. troops are being withdrawn by fall 2008, they do not want it said of them that they "cut and ran" when the going got tough, that they played Chamberlain to Bush's Churchill.

And if the war is going badly in 2008, they know that the American people, in repudiating the party of Bush and Cheney, have no other choice than the party of Hillary and Pelosi and Harry Reid. "

This is utter bullshit. Everyone in Congress, both dems and repubs, know that the surge isn't gong to make any difference.... well a difference for sure, for the worse!

And anyone w/ an ear to the ground in the States and knows America knows that Americans will not vote for a woman or a black man, yet. Simple. Pelosi is useless, and in '08, if things keep going the way they're going in Iraq/Iran-no reason to assume otherwise, American's will be too scared to vote for anyone but more neocons.

This next "chance" being enacted by BushCo, stolen from the public, will be no better than the last few "chances".

Buchanan is pulling this out of his ass. Only thing he's got on the nose is Iran and the next phase of this neocon plan.

"Live fire demonstrations" in Denmark by NATO today. Wonder why?? Brace yourselves!!

anticant said...

Ranger [and everyone], read the article I've just posted under the heading "Why Bush hasn't been impeached".

I've added a further comment there.