Wednesday, 25 April 2007

'Fleshcreeper' rides again

Just after posting Crooked Cobwebs of Mental Moonshine I switched on the lunchtime TV news and was greeted by the spectacle of Dr John “Fleshcreeper” Reid regaling an influential audience with the serious prospect of a massive terrorist attack upon our infrastructure – electricity supplies, computer systems, etc. - and warning of the chaos that would ensue if such an event evaded the vigilance of our ever-watchful security services and police [whose own spokesman was later seen lamenting that the public didn’t trust them sufficiently - is it any wonder?].

If “Fleshcreeper” actually does believe that there is the remotest prospect of such a dire happening, he should instantly resign his post as Home Secretary, as he is clearly utterly unfit for the job. And so should this entire bat-brained government, which is enmeshed in such delusional fantasies of its own manufacture about the nature of the “war on terror” that it is totally incapable of defending this country in the needful manner.

To unravel this bundle of garbage, let us consider the following indisputable facts.

There is a segment of the Muslim world who are bitterly hostile to the West, not just because of our idiotic military blunders in the Middle East, but because they hate and despise our free – and to them “ungodly” – way of life.

The militant adherents of this anti-Western ‘jihad’ probably number at the most a few thousand and belong to a number of different groupings, of which al-Qaeda is the archetype, whose composition, whereabouts, and sources of funding seemingly remain impenetrable secrets to the intelligence services of the Western powers after almost a decade of avowed and spasmodically active hostility.

I find this, frankly, so incredible as to be almost hilarious. Are we seriously being told by the British, American, and other Western governments that with all their incomparably sophisticated resources they are incapable of smoking out and disposing of a few groups of stateless fanatics?

If this is true, we are indeed in real trouble. If it is not true, there must be deeper, hidden, reasons why these threats have not been effectively dealt with; and some of the wilder conspiracy theories loom over the horizon.

Even if such groups are capable of a massive attack on our infrastructure, and willing to carry it out, would they be lunatic enough to do so? I very much doubt it – for the simple reason that they are as dependant on the said infrastructure as we are: if it collapses, so does their ability to communicate, to travel, to move money and other resources around the world. Only brainless idiots would embark upon such an enterprise.

In my view, the nature of the terrorist threat we face is quite different to that perceived by “Fleshcreeper” Reid and his colleagues. Even successful explosions and loss of life inflicted by a few terrorist cells will not weaken our national resolve, or result in a change of policy on our part.

Of course, we do need to change our policies in various ways. To start with, we should withdraw our forces from the Middle East and renounce our arrogant design of imposing “democracy” upon countries and peoples who do not ask for it. We should deal with terrorist threats and terrorist cells at home in the same way that we did with the Provisional IRA during the Ulster troubles – by vigilant undercover intelligence work and effective policing. We should not allow terrorists the dignity of believing that they are fighting a “war” against us; they should be treated as the common criminals which they are.

We should reverse and wind down the burgeoning curbs on civil liberties which, far from being effective against terrorism, are simply alienating and oppressive to the long-suffering mass of the population.

Above all, we should restore our national morale, proclaim the superiority of our free way of life with all its imperfections, live with the knowledge that if something nasty happens and our personal number is on it that’s just too bad, and cease to be scared nearly to death by the bugaboos routinely manufactured by "Fleshcreeper" Reid and his minions in their spook factory.

Why is this foolish government working so hard to make us all fearful? Franklin Roosevelt said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Amen to that.


ranger said...

I 2nd your calls for action Anti and direct you to the thread on Crooked cobwebs of mental moonshine (a title, by the bye, that I love very much) for more on this topic.

Richard W. Symonds said...

John Reid reminds me of the late Dr Anthony Storr's comment (roughly tranlated) :

Those who appear the most sane are the most insane, and those who appear the most insane are the most sane.

The guy scares the shit out of me.

anticant said...

Reid is an ex-Communist, of course, like several other "NuLab" high-ups. "NuLab" itself is a classic case of 'entryism' and the covert promotion of 'centralised democracy'. Hence the sweeping assault on civil liberties, under the pretext of 'fighting terrorism'. Orwell would have had some scathing things to say about these gentry.

Emmett said...

YOU mean the /neolaborofascisti/?

ALL Of this elaboration of forms political and administrative attests the exhaustion & bankruptcy of so much human organisation....

NONE Of /this/ is going to yield success in dealing with global warming; if this last be so, I mean....

s/Wook, Former Police Administrator(which is hopeless as Hell, too!)

Jose said...

I couldn't be more in agreement with you, Anticant. A strong government would do things differently, I mean a government who is acting in good faith and really defending the people that have elected its leaders.

A government should be the faithful reflection of the strength of a country, doing what the incumbent government of Britain is doing is leaving the British in an awkward position.