Saturday, 21 April 2007

"Emotional midgets with constipated compassion"

Another rousingly robust polemic against the NeoCon brigade here.


Jose said...

The article opens with a reference to an infamous name, that of Leo Strauss a supporter of the Philosophy of Deception, of the Noble Lie. Whoever reads the biography of Leo Strauss will see the striking coincidences between the ideas he propounded and the politics carried out by Wolfowitz and persons of his ilk who are known as Neo-Cons in the world politics today.

Leo Strauss was a German Jew who fled to the US and taught at the University of Chicago. His influence in Wolfowitz and Co. is indubitable.

I suggest you read for further illustration.

anticant said...

Funnily enough, I have spent this afternoon Googling around Strauss. I wonder if he is really as black as he has been painted? He was obviously a subtle and complex thinker, and not many Americans are either. They rarely understand the Middle-European academic mindset, and there is too much guilt by association. Some say, for instance, that Hannah Arendt was a Nazi sympathiser, which she certainly wasn't, although her onetime lover Heidegger was. And Nietszche, one of the most original thinkers of the 19th century, is quite falsely tarred with a proto-Nazi brush. In fact, his writings - most of which I've read - are vehemently hostile to German nationalism, Prussian militarism, and anti-Semitism. It was his nasty sister, who made him her prisoner after he went mad, who was a slobbering admirer of Hitler and "edited" Nietszche's works to give them a pro-Nazi slant.

So I'll suspend judgment on Leo Strauss until I know more about him.

Emmett said...

YES, Leo Strauss is a subtle thinker; rather like Aristotle, he is not proposing that 'two-valued' reasoning is the /sine qua non/. Rather, he brings Machiavelli up to date, who wrote down quite clearly and simply /how/ these power-psychologies operate; and, systemised the study for other young unfortunates sentenced by temperamental fate to fulfil the same largely-extraverted 'destiny'.

THAT Paul Wolfowitz and others of the New Cunts are a load of adventitious quacks is something I am sure Strauss could perceive quite clearly about them when they all met in class -- sometimes, the teacher /does/ have to let the students get away with 'knowing' what they need for themselves best & setting the course of study. And, sometimes, for a good long time, too, /as nothing else is possible with such people at that stage/.

IN These cases one must resign oneself to a lot of misery until people catch themselves being stupid.

THIS Is especially painful for others who must behold the orphans in 'Iraq with their hands blown off; but, as well as the anguish one feels, there /are/ other things going on....

Wook 'abd al-'Abru